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A new concept in golf shoes - Insta Golf Shoes

Insta Golf Shoes
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Yes, that right, I'd like to introduce you to something completely different, a new concept in golf shoes: Insta Golf Shoes, a new and innovative golf footwear product was introduced to the golfing world at the 2011 PGA Expo in Las Vegas, and word of this simple new golf product has spread quickly, and I quote: "Insta Golf Shoes are an American made, high quality product, which allows golfers to wear their favorite tennis shoes, casual or even dress shoes, and still have the stability and traction required on the golf course," end quote. And I am here to tell you that they really do work.

Update 2016: Better yet, since I first reviewed this item back in 2011, they have been substantially upgraded and improved.

Product Review: I was provided with a review pair of Insta Golf Shoes a couple of weeks before they were officially introduced. I have to tell you, they were not what I was expecting. They arrived in my mailbox in a large flexible envelope. I thought it was a joke, but far from it. When I first put them on over a pair of regular street shoes, I found them to be firm and comfortable. On a hard surface I had the feeling of walking on a soft rubber cushion; on grass they felt little different from regular golf shoes; very stable during the golf swing and lots of traction when walking up and down grassy banks and slopes. I've tried them out wearing casual slip-on shoes, tennis shoes, and dress shoes - I can't say I recommend them with slip-on shoes, but only because, with the momentum generated by the golf swing, I came out of the slip-on shoes themselves (I wear mine kinda loose). Dress shoes with strings? The Insta Shoes stayed on good and tight. For the big test, I wore them over tennis shoes: After 18 holes, the fit was just as tight as it was when I first put them on; they didn't move. And I am thinking that tennis shoes probably are the ideal platform for the product, but you'll figure that one out for yourself. Insta Golf Shoes are a neat idea, one where you say to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?"

The Verdict: My two biggest concerns were: 1, would the shoes stay on? 2, will Insta Golf Shoes provide the same stability as regular golf shoes? The answer to both questions is yes. As a golf shoe, the product worked, at least for me, just as well as pair costing $150, or more. But there's more: the shoes come with a handy zipper bag for easy storage and travel. They also take up about 50% less space than a regular pair of golf shoes require; this is important because they take up a whole lot less room is suitcase. They are inexpensive, light-weight, flexible and they do the job they were designed to do. A great gift for golfers - man or woman.

The Technicalities: The Insta Golf Shoes idea is the product of a concept used for many years by the developers of Arctic and winter ice cleats. And, like those cleats, Insta Golf Shoes provide full foot slip protection, even on wet grassy slopes. They are constructed of Dual-Density TPE Elastomer for durability and long wear. Engineered to be lightweight with Tension-Fit Binding, Insta Golf Shoes hold securely to footwear and have been tested on golf courses in the United States and Northwest Ireland.

Developed by business entrepreneur Rick Hetzel, RLH Golf Ventures, LLC, and a partner in Irish Golf Vacations, the Insta Golf Shoe is considered to be one of those simple, but practical concepts with across the board appeal to many golfing segments.

It was during the writing of his latest eBook, The Traveling Golfer that Hetzel developed the idea of an affordable, multi-purpose golf shoe, which could be used by traveling golfers and the general golfing community. "Due to its design, the Insta Golf Shoes are great for golfers who enjoy the comfort of their favorite tennis shoes; junior golfers, who grow out golf shoes quickly; and golfers with special footwear issues, like orthotics."

Insta Golf Shoes are available in several sizes for men and women, and the initial production will be in the colors of black and white, although custom colors are available upon request.

The Cost: Very attractive - from $44.95. Purchase online at the Insta Golf Shoes website

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