Inspirato with American Express: Elite Vacation and Travel Club

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    Inspirato with American Express, for Travelers with Big Vacation Budgets

    Inspirato Caribbean beach villa on Anguilla
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    Inspirato with American Express is a private vacation club for luxury travelers who have very high standards for their vacations. Inspirato members have compared luxury villas versus luxury hotels and opted for the enhanced privacy and space of villas.

    The club's villa properties offer the service and amenities of a luxury hotel. Inspirato with American Express also works with luxury hotels so members can have that option.

    Inspirato with American Express provides: exclusive access to multimillion-dollar vacation homes in the world's most coveted destinations, as well as hotel suites; members-only rates; and highly personalized service.

    You should consider becoming a member of Inspirato with American Express if you: take luxury vacations regularly; are accustomed to spending $5,000 or more per week on your accommodations; like vacationing in private villas but want them vetted first; demand highly personalized service; have a budget that can handle initiation and annual fees.

    Inspirato with American Express' vacation villas are found in many of the world's top luxury travel destinations: beach paradises like the Maldives, Hawaii, Caribbean, Los Cabos; ski meccas like Vail and Aspen; European hotspots like Tuscany, Ibiza, Mykonos, Provence and the French Riviera...and more.

    Inspirato with American Express properties are available in various styles. Its private vacation homes run the gamut: lavish beach homes; country estates; ski lodges, chalets, ski-in, ski-out condos; city townhouses, penthouses, lofts. The club also offers top-tier suites in five-star hotels.

    How Is Inspirato Different, and What Does It Cost?

    Inspirato with American Express is more modern and adaptable than many other travel clubs.
    The club leases rather than owns properties. This means that embers can rent the properties from Inspirato, and do not have to buy expensive shares. The properties' owners have a strong interest in continuing their lease, and in making alterations to their properties. Inspirato can move fast and add properties in suddenly popular destinations.

    Inspirato requires less of a commitment from members. It requires no long-term commitment. Membership does not involve a deeded investment that must be sold upon exit, like a fractional home ownership. Inspirato's pay-as-you-go model allows members to travel when and as much as they wish. There are no requirements, complex rules, trades, or point systems.

    Because Inspirato leases rather than owns its properties, members avoid the six-figure upfront fees sometimes charged by vacation clubs. Inspirato membership is available at several levels. All involve: a one-time initiation fee starting at $10,000; an annual membership fee of $3,500 (in 2018); pay-as-you-go rental fees; Inspirato fees are significantly discounted for American Express clients. (See more about Inspirato's fees and the complimentary trips that higher-priced plans accrue.)

    Inspirato with American Express service is one-on-one. Club members are assigned a dedicated Personal Vacation Advisor who gets to know their tastes and needs. This experienced staffer offers assistance and advice regarding destinations, properties, and more; helps the member choose the right property, and answers questions about it; handles the booking from start to finish; serves as the member's advocate and service representative

    Every Inspirato property includes daily housekeeping and property maintenance such as gardening and pool service. In addition, villas feature a concierge who is on hand to assist with pre-arrival planning; book activities, rent sporting equipment, arrange ground transportation, make dining reservations; hire private chefs, drivers, babysitters, dog-walkers, masseurs, etc.; do the grocery shopping.

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    Is Inspirato with American Express Your Kind of Vacation Club?

    Inspirato luxury villa in Florence
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    More Benefits & Perks of Inspirato Membership

    Inspirato members can take advantage of a variety of exclusive benefits and perks unique to the club, including access to elite resort partners; preferred access to onsite amenities such as spas, golf courses, and children’s clubs; discounted pricing for private jets, yachts, and luxury transportation services; and insider experiences for sporting and entertainment events.

    Got a lot of flexibility in your work and play schedule? Every week, Inspirato spotlights a collection of multimillion-dollar homes and makes them available to members on short notice for as little as $295 per night. 

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