Inside Atlanta: Hodgepodge Coffeehouse’s Lynne Tanzer

Hodgepodge’s co-owner Lynne Tanzer shares her favorite spots in Atlanta

Inside Atlanta: Lynne Tanzer

We're back with our series Inside Atlanta—each week, we sit down with influential locals to talk about what Atlanta means to them. Today we’re chatting with Hodgepodge Coffeehouse co-owner and creative director Lynne Tanzer. Chances are that if you’ve ever seen an art show, been to an event or bought cool merchandise at the coffee shop, Tanzer was behind it all. She’s created a haven for creatives with her co-owner and continuously celebrates artists and small businesses in the city. Aside from being a staple in the Atlanta arts scene, Hodgepodge also serves great coffee and has been featured in VICE, The Thrillist and local magazines.

 Today we get a tour of The Big Peach lead by Tanzer herself.

I live in…Oakhurst, which is in the City of Decatur, but is only 7 minutes away from the shop. I’m a mom to two little boys so we moved to Oakhurst because of the great schools in the neighborhood. My favorite part of living in Oakhurst is the neighborhood vibe — if I sit on my porch for ten minutes, someone will come over and ask how my day is going whether they’re a neighbor or not.”

I Wish People Knew… “Atlanta is home to so many talented makers.”

You Can Find Me… “At one of the 6 million coffee shops that Atlanta is now home to. People see me around town and say that I’m cheating on Hodgepodge, which is simply not true. I just love coffee and I love the ambiance of a good coffee shop, so I support the local ones as much as I can. My favorites include Aurora Coffee for a mocha, and Dancing Goats for drip coffee because Batdorf and Bronson coffee roasters are the best, forever and always.”

It’s Dinner Time, I’m headed to…Eat Me Speak Me on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. which offers a tasting menu, so it’s small portions packed with flavor. It’s reasonably priced considering it’s all locally sourced ingredients. Oh yeah, and it’s BYOB! Amazing!

If we’re going on a (very rare) date night then we’ll hit up MaLi in the Highlands for their pad thai and spring rolls. They also have Black Forest Coffee, which is Godiva chocolat Liquor, Chambord, coffee and whipped cream. Talk about decadent!

Clock strikes 5 o’clock, I’m drinking… “Gin and pink wine! For a cocktail, I hit up Argosy, Elder Tree, Midway Pub and Flatiron Bar. When it comes to choosing wine, I head straight to 3 Parks Wine or Candler Park Market for suggestions, they never judge me when I can’t articulate tasting notes.”

If I Had to Stay in a Hotel, I’d check into…The Social Goat, a bed and breakfast on a farm in Grant Park — that sounds pretty sweet to me. Give me a sweet baby goat to pet while you make me coffee and pancakes please.”

Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret Is…Carlton Farms. We try to buy local as much as we can in our house so we get our milk, cheese, eggs and butter every week from them. They bring a produce truck to the Village Fitness parking lot in the EAV on Fridays at noon. We went to the farm last October for their fall festival where we did a corn maze, played games and got to meet and feed the cows that our milk comes from on a hayride. Our son Teddy was beyond excited!”

When I’m Playing Tourist, I go to…Paper Ghost Studio if an event is going on; their little studio in Candler Park is adorable, their events are always so well thought out and fun and the art is affordable. As Georgia is sunny most days, I also take family and friends on a walk down the Atlanta BeltLine, that way we can get outside, enjoy the greenery, shop at Paris on Ponce, order the portabella mushroom sandwich at Apres Diem and see all the gorgeous murals and Tiny Doors along the way!

I Get My Sweat On… “Honestly, with a newborn baby working out has not been the highest thing on my priority list, but I’m hoping to start going to Still Hot Yoga in Decatur — I’ve heard Rebecca Rumpf is an amazing teacher and I want to sign up for her classes ASAP.”

I Love Spending My Money At... “The Indie Craft Experience events every quarter. For stationary and gifts I go to Native Bear, I carry Neva Opet bags almost exclusively these days (except for my diaper bag) and for jewelry, I buy Be Good by Bryanna Simpson.