Inside Atlanta: gusto’s Founder Nate Hybl

Gusto’s founder, Nate Hybl, share his favorite spots in Atlanta

Inside Atlanta: Gusto’s founder, Nate Hybl, share his favorite spots in Atlanta

 We're back with our series Inside Atlanta—each week, we sit down with influential locals to talk about what Atlanta means to them. Today we’re chatting with Nate Hybl, former football star and founder of the fast-casual restaurant gusto!, one of Atlanta’s healthiest resaurants. Hybl grew up a high school football star in South Georgia—he went on to play quarterback for the University of Oklahoma, where he won a Big Twelve Conference Championship. After a successful career in the NFL, Hybl moved to Atlanta to tackle his passion for healthy food and opened the first location of gusto!

in 2015 in the Brookwood neighborhood (not quite Midtown, but not quite Buckhead either). When he’s not calling plays at gusto!, he’s bouncing around the city he calls home. Today we get a tour of The Big Peach led by Hybl himself.

I live in… “Midtown, right next to Piedmont Park.  This area is alive and fun, but also provides the solace of my morning walks with my dog, Buckley.”

I Wish People Knew… “how community-centric this town has become. We have so many different neighborhoods and the newish community pride in some of the changing parts of town is a neat thing to see. ” 

You Can Find Me… “working at one of our gusto! locations, or at MetroFresh, Piedmont Park, or Sweetwater Creek State Park (just outside of town) .” 

It’s Dinner Time, I’m Headed to… “Buford Highway. [There’s] such an array of authentic, affordable choices. It's a fun area to explore and get out of my comfort zone. My favorite spots include Lee’s Bakery (Vietnamese), Canton House (Dim Sum) and Panahar (Bangladeshi).” 

Clock Strikes 5’oclock, I’m Drinking… “at the Ticonderoga Club in Krog Street Market. It’s a super chill and legitimate spot to grab a drink.”

If I had to Stay in a Hotel, I’d Check Into… “I know it's fancy pants, but if I could stay at the Four Seasons Atlanta hotel, I would. I've always been a fan of their brand, and what their services represent. When I've had the (rare) opportunity to spend some time at the Atlanta Four Seasons, it's truly felt like a getaway. ”

Atlanta’s Best Kept Secret is… “Although it's less and less a secret these days, I still feel like Buford Highway's restaurant/grocery options don't get enough attention.”

When I’m Playing Tourist I go to… “the High Museum of Art. It's a place of zen and fascination for me!”

I Get My Sweat On… “while I love to mountain bike, I usually don't have the time to make a trip...instead, I take spin classes at Flywheel Midtown. Good people!”

I Love Spending My Money at… “Sid Mashburn, when it's time to get to lookin’ sharp. Their team offers products, knowledge  and customer service unlike anywhere else in town. It's a fun experience to walk on the cool side occasionally!”

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