Insanity at Stratosphere Hotel and Tower Las Vegas

Spin Off The Edge Of A Tower 1000 Feet In The Air In Las Vegas

Insanity at Stratosphere Las Vegas. Photo by Zeke Quezada

If you love an adrenaline adventure Insanity at Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas will spin you into a frenzy.

When was the last time you stared straight down to the hard pavement 900 feet away while spinning in a circle that approaches 3Gs? Right, well Insanity at Stratosphere Las Vegas does that to you and a little more. I will admit that I looked at it and felt it might be a little gimmicky. (I mean I flew a plane with Sky Combat Ace, I have done the indoor skydive thing and I have even jumped off this same Stratosphere Tower with Skyjump)

It’s not gimmicky. It will not super scare you if you love adrenaline fueled adventures. However, if you are normal this will get your adrenaline going. Your heart will race, your palms will sweat and you will feel some pain in your soul. You see hanging off the edge of a platform on a tower that extends over 1000 feet into the air above the Las Vegas strip is not normal. Spinning around at a 70 degree angle with your face looking straight down is not normal.

You can also experience  X-Scream and Big Shot at Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas.

Is it fun? Yes, if you enjoy that type of stuff. Going around in circles does not make you dizzy because you are thinking about how quickly your body would hit Las Vegas Boulevard. That is why they are called thrill rides and that is why you should be on Insanity at Stratosphere Las Vegas.

Because you are insane!

Insanity at Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas

Location: Stratosphere Hotel and Tower Las Vegas
2000 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Contact: 702.380.7711

Hours: Open daily at 10am and until 1:00 a.m. with extended hours on Friday and Saturday


Tower Tickets

Adult - $20.00

  • Child - $12.00
  • Seniors and Nevada Residents - $14.00

Ride Tickets

  • Big Shot - $15.00
  • X-Scream - $15.00
  • Insanity - $15.00

Value Packages

  • Tower Admission + All Day Unlimited Rides - $36
  • Tower Admission + 3 Rides - $35
  • Tower Admission + 2 Rides - $30
  • Tower Admission +1 ride - $25
  • Express Pass - additional $10.00

Anyone 15 years or younger must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Skyjump is also accessed from the tower but it is not included in the value packages.

What to Expect at Insanity at Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas?
You’ll have to get a tower ticket and a ride ticket to experience Insanity or you might be at Level 107 lounge enjoying a drink when you decide that you want to experience what hanging off of a tower feels like. Either way you’ll walk out to the waiting platform and enjoy views of the Las Vegas valley. From this side you can see Downtown Las Vegas so pick a time closer to sunset to get a great view while you wait.

You’ll be put into your seat and asked to remove all loose items so if you wear eyeglasses this might be an issue. You will not see a thing because your eyeballs will be put away. If you have some type of tethering strap that might work or you might want to go the contact lens route when you decide to do the thrill ride things in Las Vegas.


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