Crank Handles to Cycle Mounts: 5 Innovative iPhone Cases for Travelers

From Crank Handles to Cycle Mounts and More

Ampware Case

In a world of generic smartphone cases, there are only a few that stand out from the crowd for travelers.

Here are five that, although all unique in their own way, have a bunch of interesting features that should push them right near the top of your shortlist.

UAG Scout Card Case

If you're the kind of person who prefers a minimalist approach while out exploring a new city, the UAG Scout Card case will be right up your alley. Rather than carrying a handbag or jamming an overstuffed wallet in your pocket, just slip a few cards in your phone case and head out for the day.

The Scout holds an iPhone 6S and up to four cards in a compartment at the back of the case – including a hotel key card if you've got one – and is tested to military drop specifications. It's lightweight, and costs under $40.

Lifeproof FRĒ Power

Combining maximum protection with extra battery life, the Lifeproof FRĒ Power could well be the only iPhone case you need on your travels.

As well as doubling your time between charges, the case can handle being dropped six feet, or submersion to the same depth for an hour. It's also snow-proof and dirt-proof, so it should be able to handle almost anything your vacation decides to throw at you.

Made for the iPhone 6/6S Plus, you'll pay around $150 for the FRĒ Power.

Ampware Case

Taking a very different approach to firing up your dead phone, the Ampware case uses a bit of old-fashioned muscle power. Built for iPhone 6 and 6S, the $79 case has an in-built crank handle that can generate up to 1amp of charge – depending, of course, on how much effort you put into it.

In real-world terms, five minutes of cranking provides as much as an hour of normal use or five hours of standby time. Start winding while you're waiting in the immigration line, and you'll have enough juice to find your way to your hotel by the time you leave the airport.

The case also includes reinforced bumpers for drop protection, and the crank handle doubles as a stand when not in use.

Olloclip Studio

For travelers getting serious about improving the photos coming out of their smartphones, Olloclip is a well-known name – the company has been making quality add-on lenses for several years.

Its latest product is the Studio, a combination iPhone 6/6S protective case and mounting system for a wide range of lenses and accessories. As well as Olloclip's wide-angle, zoom and other lenses, you can attach tripods, grips, handles, microphones, lights and more to the case, to build a full video or still image shooting rig that remains lightweight and easy to transport.

Moshi Endura

If you're looking for a rugged iPhone 6/6S case with a difference, check out the Moshi Endura. As well as being able to handle rain, dust and being dropped up to 10 feet onto concrete, the Endura includes an in-built connector that lets you connect the case to an armband or bicycle mount.

Whether you're a hardcore cycle tourer or just renting a bike from your hotel for the day, being able to attach your phone to the handlebars for GPS directions is a godsend. Add to that the weather, dirt, and drop-proofing, and you've got a case well worth buying.

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