Inner Sunset Restaurants - San Francisco

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Inner Sunset restaurants are organized in an alphabetical list - by cuisine type.



  • Peasant Pies
    1039 Irving Street (at 12th) (415) 731-1978
    Southern French style pies with fillings like Moroccan lentil, chicken potato, and vanilla flan.


  • Pluto’s
    627 Irving Street (between 7th & 8th)
    (415) 753-8867
    Diners select prepared, healthful foods from different stations – greens, sides, meats, dressings and desserts.


  • Pomelo
    92 Judah (at 6th)
    (415) 731-6175
    Ethnically diverse menu with creations inspired by Filipino, Indian, Cuban and other cuisines. This Inner Sunset restaurant also serves weekend brunch.


  • Yellow Submarine
    503 Irving Street (between 6th & 7th)
    (415) 681-5652
    Sub sandwiches: pepper steak, steak and cheese, pastrami, veggie, and other varieties. .



  • San Tung Chinese
    1031 Irving Street (between 11th & 12th) (415) 242-0828
    Chinese food with dumplings, dry fried chicken, stir frys and soups.



  • Arizmendi Bakery Cooperative
    1331 9th Avenue (between Irving & Judah)
    (415) 566-3117
    A worker-owned co-op in the Inner Sunset - with baguettes, olive bread, cheese rolls, pizza, shortbread and other baked goods.


  • The Beanery
    1307 9th Avenue (between Irving & Judah)
    (415) 661-1255
    A popular Inner Sunset coffee place with a selection of regular and organic coffee and tea, and small tables for seating.




    • Art’s Cafe
      747 Irving Street (between 8th & 9th)
      (415) 626-1211
      A favorite Inner Sunset hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint with traditional American breakfasts, eggs, hash browns, and also Korean BBQ.


    • Crepevine
      624 Irving Street (between 7th & 8th)
      (415) 681-5858
      Crepes made with ingredients like Nutella, egg dishes, sandwiches and salads.
    • Howard’s Cafe
      1309 9th Avenue (between Irving & Judah)
      (415) 564-4723
      Inexpensive and traditional American breakfast comfort foods.


    • Irving Street Cafe
      716 Irving Street (between 8th & 9th)
      (415) 664-1366
      Breakfast and burger place with items like corned beef hash, egg dishes, breakfast burritos and tuna melts.


    • M’s
      1376 9th Ave. (between Irving & Judah)
      (415) 665-1821
      Local diner with breakfasts and American fare such as burgers.



    • New Eritrea
      907 Irving Street (between 10th & 11th) (415) 681-1288
      Eritrean specialties, injera bread, meat dishes, veggie dishes, and unusual cocktails to sample.



    • Masala
      1220 9th Avenue (between Irving & Lincoln)
      (415) 566-6976
      Indian food from tandoori to curry to korma.


    • Naan ‘n Curry
      642 Irving Street (between 7th & 8th)
      (415) 664-7225
      Inexpensive, self-service Indian food. This Inner Sunset restaurant is part of a small chain.



    • Ebisu
      1283 9th Avenue (between Irving & Lincoln)
      (415) 566-1770
      Sushi, teriyaki, fried oysters and other Japanese dishes.
    • Koo
      408 Irving Street (between 5th & 6th) (415) 731-7077 Sushi and fusion menu with traditional sushi and also specialty rolls with a twist. Also has small plates to share, sake menu and desserts.



    • La Fonda
      712 Irving Street (between 14th & 15th)
      (415) 681-9205
      Inexpensive taqueria and burrito place, with a few places to sit, but mostly take-out.



    • Kaleo Cafe
      1340 Irving Street (between 14th & 15th)
      (415) 753-2460
      Hawaiian-themed ambiance with coffee, beverages and lite fare like sandwiches and desserts.



    • PJ’s Oyster Bed
      737 Irving Street (between 8th & 9th)
      (415) 566-7775
      Oysters, gumbo, smoked Louisiana baby back rips, and other New Orleans style menu items.



    • Marnee Thai
      1243 9th Avenue (between Lincoln & Irving)
      (415) 731-9999
      A favorite Inner Sunset Thai place with several local “best of” awards.



    • Café Gratitude
      1336 9th Avenue (between Irving & Judah)
      (415) 665-0335
      All organic vegan and raw food, and a restaurant committed to sustainable and local farming. This Inner Sunset restaurant also has a venue in Berkeley - East Bay.


      • Dragonfly
        420 Judah Street (between 9th & 10th)
        (415) 661-7755
        Vietnamese food with dishes like sesame beef and coconut rice. Dragonfly doesn’t serve pho but does have other soup.


      • Yummy Yummy
        1015 Irving Street (between 11th & 12th)
        (415) 566-4722
        Vietnamese menu includes pho, curries, imperial rolls.