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New for 2016

Valravn: The world's tallest dive coaster is on its way to Cedar Point. Read a review of Valravn. Read more in my preview of Valravn. Also, let's explore the park's claims about the new coaster in my article, "Will Cedar Point's Valravn Coaster Really Break 10 Records?"

Park Overview

Always rated among the best of the traditional amusement parks, Cedar Point opened in 1870 and never stopped growing.

Located on a peninsula along Lake Erie, the sandy beaches that beckoned visitors more than a century ago are still enticing, but it's mostly the coasters that lure the throngs today. In fact, Cedar Point is one of the theme parks with the most number of roller coasters in the world.

While the Point revels in its past and offers a wonderful hint of nostalgia, it is utterly contemporary and boasts a beloved thrill machine arsenal that includes Magnum XL-200, the first hypercoaster to break the 200-foot threshold, Millennium Force, a 300-foot "Giga-coaster" and one of parkdom's most highly rated, and the 420-foot rocket coaster that dominates the skyline, Top Thrill Dragster. A dizzying assortment of other attractions includes virtually every spinning, soaking, swinging, and disorienting ride ever developed. Although the rides take center stage, Cedar Point also offers a decent lineup of stage shows.

More than a collection of world-class coasters and rides, Cedar Point has a well-deserved reputation for its overall guest experience. The park is always winning industry and fan-based awards.

Be aware that the park is HUGE. From the front entrance to the back of the park where Maverick beckons is 1.5 miles.

(I should know; I left an item in the lockers by the main gate and had to make the 3-mile round-trip trek to retrieve it.) Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and plan your day so that your'e not criss-crossing the park.

The food is just OK at Cedar Point. Some people rave about the fries and pizza; I thought they were mediocre. There is a Johnny Rockets and an all-you-can-eat buffet inside the park; just outside the gates is a Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que.

In recent years, Cedar Point has been adding rooms to its on-site hotels and transforming into a destination resort. Accommodations include the historic Hotel Breakers, Sandcastle, Lighthouse Point, and Breakers Express. With the Castaway Bay Indoor Water Park Resort, Cedar Point now offers year-round fun.


The huge park features one of the world's biggest collections of coasters--and some of the best, including:

Cedar Point also offers an astonishing array of other rides -- again one of the largest collections on the planet. Along with the usual suspects, such as carousels, kiddie rides, spinning rides, and water rides, the park offers some wild thrill rides include Chaos, maXair, Power Tower, and Skyhawk.

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New at the Park

For 2015:
Rougarou: The stand-up coaster, Mantis, got a makeover (and a new name) with new traditional, sit-down trains. Read a review of Rougarou.

Also, the classic Hotel Breakers wrapped up its two-year makeover and reopened. Should you book a stay at the hotel? See what we have to say about Hotel Breakers.

For 2014:
Lake Erie Eagles and Pipe Scream 
A flying scooters-style spinning ride and a Disk'O Coaster (a spinning ride platform that shuttles to and from on a small section of coaster track) opened.

For 2013:
A winged coaster took up residence at the front of the park and performs wild acrobatic maneuvers as guests make their way through the entry plaza.

Location and Phone

Sandusky, Ohio

Tickets and Admission Info

Passes to the amusement park include admission to the ride park only, not the Soak City water park. Combo day passes that include the water park are available. Cedar Point offers substantially discounted tickets for seniors (62 and older) and juniors (under 48"). Children under 3 admitted free. Season pass tickets are available online and at the park. Combo season passes are available for the park and Soak City as well as for the park and Geauga Lake.

On-Site Parks

Cedar Point includes three parks:

Directions and Hotel Info

Take Exit 118 off the Ohio Turnpike (I-80). Follow the signs north on U.S. 250 to the Cedar Point Causeway.

Nearby airports:

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