Cedar Point Park Serves Up Thrills and More

Chilling Rides, Snoopy, Dinosaurs, and Much More Await

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Rated among the best of the traditional amusement parks, Cedar Point opened in 1870 and has not stopped growing since. Located in Sandusky, Ohio, on a peninsula along Lake Erie that once beckoned beachgoers, the coasters at Cedar Point lure the throngs today. Cedar Point is one of the theme parks with the most roller coasters in the world. With the Castaway Bay Indoor Water Park Resort and the Soak City Water Park, Cedar Point now offers year-round fun. Be aware that the park is huge -- 1.5 miles from the front entrance to the back of the park -- so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and plan out your day so you're not crisscrossing the park.

Dizzying Rides for Thrill Seekers

While Cedar Point revels in its past and offers a wonderful hint of nostalgia, it is utterly contemporary, boasting a thrill-machine arsenal, one of the world's biggest collections of coasters that include:

  • Magnum XL-200 is the first hypercoaster to break the 200-foot threshold. Riders are treated to fabulous views while accelerating over hills, through tunnels, and the signature pretzel turnaround.
  • Millennium Force is a 300-foot "Giga-coaster" and one of the most popular coasters. In just two minutes, at speeds up to 95 mph, riders shoot over hills, past lagoons, and through tunnels.
  • Top Thrill Dragster is the 420-foot-high rocket coaster that dominates the park's skyline. During the short 17-second ride, riders are launched from zero to white knuckles at 120 mph.
  • Valravn is the world's tallest dive coaster with a top speed of 75 mph and two 90-degree drops. 

Calmer Rides for the Rest of Us

Cedar Point also offers an astonishing array of other rides, such as carousels, kiddie rides, spinning rides, and water rides. The whole family can travel through the park on Snoopy's Express Railroad or climb aboard the Peanuts Road Rally 4x4. In this attraction, kids are behind the wheel, driving a truck through twists and turns. The littlest ones can be mini-aviators flying through the sky on the Red Baron, a fleet of WW1 biplanes.

Although the rides take center stage, Cedar Point also offers a lineup of stage shows for all tastes, including Blue Grass Jamboree, Charlie Brown's Funtime Frolics, and Lusty Lil's Wild West Revue. There are no less than 55 eateries in and near the park.

Dinosaurs Roam at Cedar Point

Don't miss the interactive learning exhibit, Dinosaurs Alive!, where more than 50 scientifically accurate, life-sized animatronic dinosaurs roam, some of which can be controlled by visitors. There's also a dig site where kids can learn about paleontology.

Tickets and Admission Info

Cedar Point offers substantially discounted tickets for seniors, 62 and older, and juniors under 48 inches tall. Children under 3 are admitted free. Various season pass tickets are available online and at the park. The Platinum Pass includes unlimited early entry to the park, exclusive ride nights, and discounts on food, merchandise, and games.

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