Indianapolis Public Schools 2015-2016 Calendar

IPS Academic Calendar for Elementary, Junior & High Schools

Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is the largest public school district in the state of Indiana. The district is serves over 30,000 students and covers 80 square miles of Indianapolis. The district includes different types of schools including traditional learning schools to magnet schools and everything in-between. The school system follows a "year-round" calendar which emphasizes knowledge retention through shorter breaks. Summer break is shorter, but students receive longer breaks throughout the school year to make up for the shorter summer.

By doing so, the school system believes it reduces the loss of knowledge by keeping information fresh in students' minds.

These different types of calendars are becoming more and more common among districts across the state. But, it can be confusing for parents to know when to expect school breaks. If you need to make holiday or travel plans, it's helpful to have the entire school calendar on hand. Be sure to mark your calendar with these important dates for IPS students. Also, be sure your children are in compliance with the IPS Dress Code and IPS Immunization Requirements. Please note the schedule can change, based on unscheduled school closings, such as snow days.

August 3: First Day of School
September 7: Labor Day
September 8: Professional Development Day
September 23: Parents In Touch Day (students do not attend)
October 5 - 16: Fall Break
October 19: Professional Development Day
November 25 - 27: Thanksgiving Break
December 18: Flex Day
December 21 - January 1: Winter Break
January 19: Professional Development Day
March 21 - 26: Spring Break Flex Days
March 28 - April 1: Spring Break Guaranteed Days
June 8: Last Day of School

Summer School
June 13 - July 1, 2016

IPS Enrollment Information

Regardless of your student’s grade level, certain documentation is required when you are enrolling your student with IPS for the first time.

  • Your child’s Birth Certificate
  • Your child’s complete Immunization Records
  • Your Photo ID
  • Your Proof of Address*

Students Returning to IPS/Changes of Address
If you leave then return to the IPS district, or if you move within the IPS district, the following documentation is required to re-enroll your child:

  • Your child’s updated Immunization Records
  • Your Photo ID
  • Your Proof of Address*

Please visit your child’s boundary school(s) to enroll your student(s) or call (317) 226-4415 if you are unsure of your child’s boundary school.

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