Independent Fashion Stores in Gràcia Barcelona

  • Independent Fashion Stores in Gràcia Barcelona

    Gracia, Barcelona, Spain
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    Befitting a youthful, student district with a taste for bold, creative fashion wear, Gràcia is well-stocked with decent independent stores. There's a number of cool shops along Carrer Torrijos, Carrer Verdi, Gran de Gràcia and Travesera de Grácia.

    Carrer Torrijos

    Carrer Torrijos is a great spot to look for the latest independent fashion. You can find fun, original clothes in JetLag, at number 52, and the very singular Singular at 33.

    Travessera de Gràcia

    Also around the corner from Carrer de Torrijos, Travessera de Gràcia has a couple of shops well worth checking out, including emerging urban outfitters Marino, who stock Jack & Jones and Skunkfunk, at 127.

    Carrer Verdi and Around

    Carrer Verdi is one of Gràcia's trendiest ambles. At Carrer Verdi number 3, there's the quirky, elegant fashion store, Noel Marsal. Quality accessories are sold at El Piano Tina GarcÌa (22). Also, on Torrent de la Olla (117) is a very good second-hand clothes store called Gallery. On Carrer d'Astúries there are jaw-dropping suits on show at Plisados (number 23).

    Gran de Gràcia

    Right on the edge of the barrio, Gran de Gràcia has a couple of stores. In particular, designer clothes at decent prices are up for grabs at Sky Republic (number 104)

    Essential Information

    How to Get There: Take the Green Line to Fontana Metro Station and it's a ten-minute walk into Gràcia along Carrer d'Astúries.

    How to Get to Barcelona: You can fly to Barcelona El Prat airport or take the train there from all other major Spanish cities via Renfe, Spain's national rail network.