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Known locally as Constitution Day, Independence Day in Denmark is on June 5, a national holiday. It is called Constitution Day because it commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the county's constitution of 1849, making Denmark a constitutional monarchy, and the amended constitution of 1953, which was signed on the same day.

How Does Denmark Celebrate Independence Day?

Denmark celebrates its Independence Day through a public holiday, which means business closures. In fact, nearly all businesses shut down by noon on Constitution day. There may also be political speakers, rallies that tend to be widely attended; politics are big in Denmark. It's usually not hard to find a politician to listen to. The high-profile leaders usually take to the stage on this day. Some rallies include picnics and casual food.

Unfortunately, Constitution Day in Denmark is not widely used for celebrating through public events, such as festivals, parades, and parties, like independence days in other countries, especially ​Independence Day/Constitution Day in Norway. However, the holiday does leave families free to spend this day with each other. After all, June 5 is also Father's Day in Denmark, a holiday inspired by the United States in the '30s.

You will likely also see flags flying across the country on Constitution Day.

What Is Constitution Day in Danish?

In Danish, Constitution Day is called Grundlovsdag.

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