2017 Inaugural Parade Route Map: Washington

Traditional Route Goes From U.S. Capitol to White House

Inaugural Parade Route Map Map
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The 2017 inaugural parade route is shown by the blue line on the map above. The parade after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the 58th inauguration of an American president, began at the steps of the U.S. Capitol Building and proceeded along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. 

President and Mrs. Trump walked for part of the route from the Capitol to the White House, as did Vice President and Mrs. Mike Pence, in the continuation of a long-held tradition at inaugural parades. The two couples and their families also rode slowly in a limousine for the rest of the route.

For all inaugural parades, the best way to get there is to take Metrorail. The closest stations are marked on the map with this article; whenever you go to a parade, choose the one that is closest to where you want to view it.

The 2017 inaugural of President Trump included pre-inaugural concerts, the swearing-in ceremony on the steps of the U.S. Capitol with previous presidents and their wives in attendance, the inaugural parade, and inaugural balls to top off the event.

Inaugural Parade Route Map

Here's how to read the color coding on the route map.

  • The parade route is shown by the blue line.
  • The area outlined in magenta was restricted to authorized vehicles only.
  • The area outlined in red was restricted to pedestrians only; no vehicles were allowed.
  • The areas outlined and filled in gray have no public access allowed.
  • The area outlined and filled in orange was for parade ticketed seating only.
  • Bike parking for hundreds of bikes was provided at 16th Street NW and I Street NW, shown by the yellow dot.
  • Capital Bikeshare set up additional bike stalls at 17th and K streets NW (Farragut Square) and at 12th Street and Independence Avenue SW (at the U.S. Department of Agriculture) as shown by the blue dots.
  • Public access to the parade route was restricted to the parade entry security checkpoints marked by the green dots.

Parade Route Entry Points

The following public entry points opened at 6:30 a.m. on January 20, 2017, and remained until the parade route could no longer accommodate additional people.

  • 2nd Street NW and C Street NW
  • John Marshall Park at C Street NW
  • Indiana Avenue NW between 6th Street NW and 7th Street NW
  • 7th Street NW and D Street NW
  • 10th Street NW and E Street NW
  • 12th Street NW and E Street NW
  • 13th Street NW and E Street NW
  • 14th Street NW and E Street NW
  • 12th Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW
  • 10th Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW
  • 7th Street NW and Constitution Avenue NW
  • Constitution Avenue NW between 6th Street NW and 7th Street NW

The 2017 Inaugural Parade

The Inaugural Parade featured official inaugural floats, marching bands, mounted units, cultural organizations, and members from all branches of the Armed Forces of the United States. Since 1789, the U.S. armed forces have participated in this important American tradition honoring the commander in chief. More than 8,000 people participated in the traditional parade along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington.


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