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If you want to experience one of nature's true wonders in Ireland make sure to visit the Giant's Causeway. Strangely regular basalt columns dominate the landscape and seem to lead across to Scotland. See it in pictures before you travel. From the cliffs above the Giant's Causeway, you get the best overall view - including the winding ways that lead down to it.

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Shuttle Bus to the Causeway

Shuttle Bus to the Causeway
Bernd Bieg

For those not so fleet of foot to tackle the steep road or the even steeper stairway to heaven, Ulsterbus provides a shuttle bus service. Actually, the stairways lead to the cliff walk, but a Led Zeppelin reference is allowed here - after all the Giant's Causeway was featured on the cover of their fifth album "Houses Of The Holy".

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The Chimney Stacks

The Chimney Stacks
Bernd Biege

Visitors are often reminded of man-made buildings when exploring the Giant's Causeway and its surroundings - these free-standing columns can be interpreted as cathedral spires or as chimney stacks.

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Organ Pipes

Organ Pipes
Bernd Biege

The basalt columns in the cliff take on the appearance of organ pipes occasionally.

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Anatomy of the Giant's Causeway

The Giant's Causeway
Bernd Biege

Near the road to the Giant's Causeway proper, you pass these basalt columns - a lesson on the anatomy of the whole area. You are actually walking on a giant Lego-set.

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Basalt Columns Close-Up

Basalt Columns Close-Up
Bernd Biege

At first glance and from a distance the basalt columns at the Giant's Causeway seem to be strangely regular and uniform - a closer look reveals the myriad differences. But beware of sudden freak waves when exploring the Causeway.

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Towards the Grand Causeway

The Grand Causeway
Bernd Biege

The Grand Causeway is the largest and most impressive part of the Giant's Causeway. But the Little and Middle Causeway are not to be shunned either.

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Towards Scotland ...

The Giant's Causeway toward Scotland
Bernd Biege

The Giant's Causeway disappears into the sea, towards Scotland - as legend would have it, this was the reason Finn Mac Cool built the whole thing To reach his lover on the opposite shore. Again be warned: conditions at the outer end of the Causeway can be treacherous, observe the warning signs.

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Walking the Causeway Walk

The Giant's Causeway Walk
Bernd Biege

The walkways are either below the cliffs, on the cliffs or cut right into the cliffs, the Giant's Causeway will give you an endless variety of routes to walk and explore. Take your time and enjoy this unique experience.

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View from the Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk of the Giant's Causeway
Bernd Biege

You'll feel as if you are a seagull hovering above the coast - the cliff walk, running near the (very high) edge is an experience not to be missed.

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Warning Sign at the Cliff Walk

Warning Sign at the Cliff Walk at the Giant's Causeway
Bernd Biege

Beware - the steps from the cliff walk to the Giant's Causeway proper are numerous and steep. And it is a long drop down! Accidents are, however, rare, and mostly due to foolishness and horseplay.

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