Ideas for Mother-Daughter Vacations

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Want to take your daughter on a special trip? One-on-one getaways are a great way to bond with your child and create special memories just for the two of you.

If this is your first trip as a mother-daughter, start small. One-on-one getaways can be more intense than trips with the whole family. A long weekend away will give you insight into what level of togetherness works best and may give you ideas for future trips.

Here are some great ideas to help you start planning the ultimate girlfriend getaway.

Spa Getaway

Perhaps the most popular mother-daughter getaway is a spa trip, but be sure to think outside the spa-retreat box. Many upscale hotels and resorts now offer spa packages that can include treatments for kids, from mani-pedis to teen facials. This offers the opportunity to combine spa time with sightseeing and other pursuits. Always do your research to find out what services are offered and what they cost, and sign up for email alerts if you'd like to be notified when a special offer is on the table.

Beach Escape

If you're looking for stress-free R&R and fun in the sun, choose a beach getaway that will provide both Vitamin D and the chance to hang out together. Options can be as close to the nearest coast or a flight to the Caribbean, Mexico, or Hawaii.

Personal Passion

Whatever your daughter's passion, there is a trip out there waiting to be taken. If she is fascinated by astronomy and space, for example, she may flip for the chance to attend space camp with you. If she loves giving back to the community, consider a getaway that also lets you spend some time volunteering for a good cause. A daughter who loves art may love a trip that includes visiting museums or attending an art workshop. If cooking is her passion, consider a culinary tour.

Shared Interest

Are you both huge fans of Downton Abbey? Or maybe you are Harry Potter aficionados, where trip possibilities include the UK and Orlando. Do you share a love for yoga or hiking? Or maybe you might enjoy a guided bike trip to a beautiful destination. Are you devotees of country music? Plan a trip that focuses on your shared interest and it may be the start of a beautiful tradition.

College Tour

If your daughter is in high school and plans to go to college after graduation, a trip that combines a tour of a prospective college with quality time together can be a great way to gain insights into her big-picture dreams. Trips like this offer many opportunities for conversations about her future hopes without seeming like you're interrogating. Resist the urge to steer the ship. Let her lead.

Big Event

Celebrating a milestone birthday or a major event such as high school graduation? If your family budget doesn't allow for a family trip, consider a one-on-one bucket-list trip to Europe. Again, be sure to get your daughter's input. She may have mentioned wanting to see Paris last year, but right now she might say London or Rome has more appeal.

Shopping Spree

For some mom-and-daughter duos, heaven on earth is a shopping trip to New York City or Chicago. For others, visiting a destination known for fantastic outlet shopping is not only more fun but more affordable.


A cruise can be a fabulous mother-daughter getaway because there's always something fun to do on the ship. You'll find lots of activities to enjoy together but can also explore individual interests if you like. If your daughter is under 18, it's best to choose a family-friendly cruise line.

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