Ice Bar London

Permanent Ice Bar in Central London

Ice Bar London
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It's a bit surreal finding Ice Bar London right near Piccadilly Circus in central London, but when you get over the unusual location do give it a try as it's a fun place to visit with friends.

Read on for my 'Top Tip' on what not to do so you enjoy your time more inside Ice Bar London.

About Ice Bar London

  • First permanent ice bar in the UK.
  • Kept at minus 5 degrees all year round with everything inside made out of crystal-clear ice from the Torne River in Sweden.
  • The walls, bar, tables, and even your own personal glass with a vodka cocktail are made out of the purest ice.
  • You are given a designer thermal cape with a hood to keep you warm during your visit.
  • Every six months the complete bar is reconstructed with a completely new design.

Address: 31-33 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BN

Nearest Tube Stations: Piccadilly Circus / Oxford Circus

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Telephone: 020 7478 8910

Opening Hours: Seven days a week until late in the evening some day.
(Check the official website for latest opening times.)

Official Website:


Booking is always recommended. You can book a 40-minute visit to Ice Bar London on its own or you can combine it with a booking for a meal in their warm restaurant.


Under £20 per person - check the official website for the latest ticket prices.

  • Includes:
  • Designer thermal cape to keep you warm, provided on entry
  • Personal ice glass
  • Choice of Vodka cocktail in your ice glass (or non-alcoholic drink). Vodka cocktail refill and non-alcoholic refill chargeable.

Ice Bar London Review

The Ice Bar London is located just off Regent Street, near to Piccadilly Circus. For some reason, I thought it would be a basement so was surprised to find the Ice Bar on the ground level and (sort of) visible from the street.

Do try to book in advance but if you haven't, do pop by in case they have space as you can always wait in the lovely, warm bar next to the entrance.

You don't need to dress up warm as a super-warm hooded thermal cape is placed over your head. (And if you wear your winter woolies you'll be too hot in the warm bar afterward.) You can still carry your bag underneath the cape as there's loads of space. Gloves are attached and I recommend you use them.

Your booking is for 40 minutes but if you make the mistake of holding your glass, you might not last that long. Don't confuse this with a normal bar. Your glass is made of ice and your fingertips can get exceedingly cold. So, top tip: Put your ice glass down when not drinking! You'll thank us for that one.

The Ice Bar London is just one small room but it's a great novelty. Everyone takes photos so it's a good idea to go with friends so you can take turns sitting on the ice chairs and getting those photo opportunities.

The drinks aren't huge but you can buy refills. (Hold onto to your personal ice glass as it can be used again.) The bar can get busy so try to choose your cocktails before you go in then you can run over and place your order without delay.

The attached restaurant (not inside the ice bar) is great too so it's worth booking to dine as well so you can chat about how much for you had together.

You'll be cold in the Absolut Ice Bar London but isn't that what you expected? And isn't that what makes it fun?

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