The Hydraulics Room that Powers Kingda Ka

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    Making Kingda Ka's Energy

    ••• Six Flags 2005. Used with permission.

    The record-breaking coaster, Kingda Ka, at New Jersey's Six Flags Great Adventure revs up to an astonishing 128 mph. For an overview of the hydraulic launch system that powers the beast, see my article,  "Kingda Huh? How Kingda Ka Works."

    In this accompanying mini photo gallery, we go behind the scenes to see the launch system. In this photo, on the bottom is a reservoir filled with hydraulic fluid. In the middle are a few of the eight 500 hp hydraulic motors through which the fluid is forced to generate energy. On either side are the accumulators that store the produced energy.

    At a precise moment, the accumulators release the energy to the winch on top. The launch cable, which is connected to Kingda Ka's train, is wound around the winch. This 20,800-peak-horsepower system is capable of repeatedly launching Kingda Ka from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds.

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    Storing Kingda Ka's Energy

    ••• Six Flags 2005. Used with permission.
    These are some of the huge accumulators that store the energy produced by the hydraulic motors.
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    Releasing Kingda Ka's Energy

    ••• Six Flags 2005. Used with permission.

    The launch cable is wound around the winch. The cable runs the length of the horizontal launch track. When the coaster is in operation, a catch car, a device that rockets the trains down the launch track, is attached to the cable. To connect the two, a "dog" drops down in the center of the train and hooks into the catch car.

    To learn more about what gives the ride its oomph, check out my article, "Kingda Huh? How Kingda Ka Works." If you want to know what it's like to experience the crazy coaster, read my full review of Kingda Ka.

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