How to Get a Hunting License in Oklahoma

Photo: David Nevala / Getty Images

Whenever you go hunting in the state of Oklahoma you are required to have a license. Hunting without a license is monitored across the state by park rangers and game wardens. Here is a step by step on how to get a hunting license in the state of Oklahoma, with details on costs, purchase locations and an online buying option.

Also, check current Oklahoma hunting season dates.

  1. Determine Your Oklahoma Hunting License Needs:

    If you plan to live in Oklahoma for a long time and are a frequent hunter, a lifetime hunting license is probably the choice for you. But if you rarely go hunting, you may opt for an annual license. Or perhaps you're only in the state for a limited time. The first step is determining what license is right for you. Here are your Oklahoma hunting license options:
      • Lifetime
  2. 5-Year
  3. Annual
  4. Combination Fishing/Hunting (Available in Lifetime, 5-Year and Annual)
  5. Non-Resident Annual
  1. Non-Resident 5-Day
  2. Check Costs:

    Here are current Oklahoma hunting license costs. You should verify by calling (405) 521-3852 or checking online.
      • Lifetime Hunting: $625
  3. Lifetime Fishing/Hunting Combo: $775
  4. 5-Year Hunting: $88
  5. 5-Year Fishing/Hunting: $148
  6. Annual Hunting: $25 (Youth, 16-17: $5)
  7. Annual Fishing/Hunting Combination: $42 (Youth, 16-17: $9)
  8. Non-Res. Annual: $142
  9. Non-Res. 5-Day: $75 (not valid for deer/turkey)
  10. Special rates available for seniors (64+). Call (405) 521-3852 for details. Annual licenses expire on December 31, regardless of purchase date.
  1. Note Additional Licenses:

    Depending on game type, you will also need separate licenses specifically for:
      • Migratory Waterfowl ($10)
  2. Antelope ($51)
  3. Elk ($51)
  4. Fur ($10)
  5. Sandhill crane ($3)
  6. Rattlesnake (5-day = $5)
  7. Turkey ($10)
  8. Bear ($101)
  9. Antlerless deer during deer muzzleloader season ($20)
  10. Deer by archery ($20)
  11. Deer by gun ($20)
  12. Listed prices are for residents. Migratory bird hunters must also carry a Harvest Information Permit (HIP), unless hunting on their own property.
    1. For questions or more information, contact the state's Department of Wildlife Conservation License Section online or by calling (405) 521-3852.
  1. Gather Necessary Information:

    In order to purchase a hunting license in the state of Oklahoma, you will need to provide name, address, email (if purchasing online) and valid identification, so make sure you have everything prepared before buying. Here are valid forms of identification:
  2. Valid state issued ID OR
  3. A passport OR
  4. A social security number (required if under age 16)
  5. Purchase Your Oklahoma Hunting License:

    Now that you know exactly what you want and you have your necessary information, you can purchase an Oklahoma hunting license. Licenses are available at over 700 locations across the state, and chances are good that sporting goods stores, bait shops or even many convenience stores can sell a license. Non-residents can also order over the phone by calling (405) 521-3852.
    1. Now, you can even purchase a license online. There is a $3 convenience fee to purchase online, and you'll need Visa or Mastercard.
    2. Lifetime licenses must be purchased by filing a form. Get details online.


    1. Fines for hunting in the state of Oklahoma without a license begin at $250 and can even include jail time, so there is absolutely no reason not to pay the small license fee.
    2. License fees go to support the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, an entity that receives no other state tax funding.
    3. Residents under 16 and non-residents under 14 are exempt from needing an Oklahoma hunting license.
    4. Special licenses are available for Blue River Public Fishing & Hunting Area, Honobia Creek Wildlife Management Area and the Three Rivers Wildlife Management Area.