Humber Bay Park East

Everything you need to know about Toronto's Humber Bay Park East

Image courtesy City of Toronto

Humber Bay Park East is a beautiful waterfront park located in Etobicoke. Both it and Humber Bay Park West were created the 1970s and early 1980s when landfill was used to create spits out into the water around the mouth of Mimico Creek. The parks were opened to the public in 1984 and offer area residents a serene place to walk, bike, picnic or relax by the water. 

From Man-Made Land Extensions to a Natural Oasis

Today, Humber Bay Park East offers great views of the city skyline and Lake Ontario, pleasant walking trails, and frequent opportunities to spot birds and other wildlife - especially butterflies. That's because the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat is located within the park. This open, outdoor area is designed to support - and thus attract - butterflies and moths in all stages of life. The butterfly habitat consists of large areas planted with native plants including a large swath of wildflowers as well as short prairie grass and other trees and shrubs that support and attract butterflies.

You can also find what's referred to as the "Home Garden" here, which educates visitors about how they can create a butterfly-friendly environment in their own backyards and gardens. Take a self-guided tour to discover the area for yourself and maybe even snap some butterfly pictures.

More Park Attractions

In addition to wildlife and butterfly spotting, Humber Bay Park East makes for a great place to feel like you've escaped the city without having to actually go anywhere outside of Toronto. The park is a popular spot for picnics as well as water-based activities like kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding. There's a beach, but it's not monitored by the city for E.Coli levels. People do swim here, but if you decide to dive in, do so at your own risk. 

Bikers, joggers, in-line skaters and walkers will love the park's many trails that offer the chance to get some fresh air, exercise and sunshine by the water. The park, along with its counterpart Humber Bay Park West, are a much-loved part of the city's waterfront space and a great option for spending time by the lake.

Humber Bay Park East is also a great spot to watch the sunrise or sunset - so bring your camera.

A Place to Remember

Humber Bay Park East is also home to Toronto's Air India Memorial, which was revealed to the public in June 2007 and stands in memory of those who were lost in the 1985 bombing of Air India Flight 182. The main part of the memorial is found just east of the parking lot.

Humber Bay Park location

Humber Bay Park East is located south of Lake Shore Boulevard at the base of Park Lawn Road. Although from the name you would expect it to be at the mouth of the Humber River, it is in fact well west of the Humber. Paired with its western counterpart, Humber Bay Park actually surrounds the mouth of Mimico Creek.

Getting to Humber Bay Park East by Foot or By Bike

Humber Bay Park East is easily reached using the Waterfront Trail. To the west, Humber Bay Park East is connected to Humber Bay Park West by a footbridge which crosses Mimico Creek. Further west is Mimico Waterfront Park, which opened in 2012 as a full connection to the trail.

To the east, the trail runs parallel to Marine Parade Drive connecting to Palace Pier Park (at the actual mouth of the Humber River).

Taking Transit to Humber Bay Park East

The park is easily accessible via public transit. Take the 501 Queen Streetcar to Park Lawn Road, and you are right at the front entrance of the park. It isn't that far on the 501 to the Long Branch Loop, where transit riders from Mississauga can also connect.

Another TTC option is to take the 66D Prince Edward bus from Old Mill Station to the Park Lawn/Lake Shore Loop, which also puts you right at the entrance to the park. Note that the 66A only goes as far as the Humber Loop, but you can use a transfer to board the 501 streetcar there and head west the rest of the way to Park Lawn Road.

Driving to Humber Bay Park East

Drivers can enter the park using Park Lawn Road. Make the first right onto Humber Bay Park Road East to access the parking lot.

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