Huertas, Madrid

Things to Do in Huertas, Madrid

Huertas is mainly about nightlife, so make sure you've had your siesta and check out la marcha.

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    Viva Madrid and Magister

    Image: Damian Corrigan

    Two of Madrid's best bars are virtually side by side in the Huertas barrio. Magister is a micro-brewery that serves excellent free tapas, while Viva Madrid is the oldest bar in the city - it dates from 1856.

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    The Bars of Plaza Santa Ana

    Image: Damian Corrigan

    Popular square with tourists and local families alike. Good beer houses (one of which was a popular haunt of Ernest Hemingway) and the famous Hotel de Reina Victoria.

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    Flamenco at Cardamomo

    Image: Damian Corrigan

    Cardamomo is one of the most famous flamenco venues in Madrid. It is quite expensive but well worth it.

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    Jazz, Drinks and Tapas on Huertas

    Image: Damian Corrigan

    Huertas is one of the most famous streets in Madrid - almost every door is a bar or restaurant.

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    The House Where Cervantes Died

    Image: Damian Corrigan

    Take twenty seconds out of the food, drinks and music to have a look at c/Cervantes 2 - the house where it is said that Miguel de Cervantes, writer of one of the first novels, Don Quijote.

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