Howth Peninsula Outside Dublin, Ireland

Ireland, County Dublin, Howth, Baily Lighthouse
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Dublin’s best day trip could be considered a quick ride out to Howth, on the northern fringes of Dublin Bay. Which does not sound all that exciting, but in fact takes the visitor into another world. Howth is a tiny (well, at first glance at least) fishing village on the northern fringes of Dublin Bay, the last stop on the DART line, and a favorite spot for Dubliners who need to get out of "the big smoke".

And the town nestling around the harbor with its two long piers does not disappoint. Offering long walks, shorter alternatives, nature, history, good food, and a plethora of pubs. So, if you have at least half a day to spare when visiting Dublin, Howth should really be on your agenda. Because the peninsula is very welcoming to the visitor, easily explored, and a total contrast to Dublin's bustling city center. Plus full of surprises and whereas Dublin really gets wild in the evenings, you can still have a fairly quiet night out in Howth even on a Saturday. 

Howth Essentials

Directions for Drivers: Howth can be reached by following the road from Connolly Station (Amiens Street) and the Five Lamps, past Bull Island and into Sutton. At the Sutton crossroads, the direct route and the scenic route are signposted - the first will take you straight to Howth Harbour, the second will more or less do the same, but via the not too straight way crossing Howth Summit.

There is parking at the Summit (not an awful lot, though) and at Howth Harbour (reasonably plentiful, but not all free). Spaces might be in short supply everywhere on weekends.

Public Transport to Howth: Take the train to Howth Railway Station (terminus for the DART service) or a Dublin Bus, stops are in Howth Harbour and at Howth Summit.

Generally speaking, the DART is much faster.

Weather Advice: Unless it is a very sunny day, always take some rain gear and a pullover with you, the winds from the sea can be freezing and wet. Avoid the East Pier and the Howth Cliff Path Loop in stormy and very wet conditions. It is also not really advisable to attempt the latter in darkness or thick fog.

What You Should See in Howth

Take your pick from any of the attractions and ideas from the list below:

    How Much Time to Plan for Howth

    Well, that all depends on what you want to do, doesn't it? There are no hard and fast rules. But you should plan for an hour if you just want a bracing walk down the pier, two hours if you want to add some fish and chips or a coffee to that, half a day for the cliff walk, and a full day if you want to really explore Howth. The choice is yours.

    Also take note that navigating the crowds and, if applicable, finding a convenient parking space will eat into your Howth time ... which brings us neatly to the next point:

    When Is the Best Time to Visit Howth?

    Howth can be enjoyed in any weather, come rain or shine, you just need to dress for the occasion. Bring layers, as the wind from Dublin Bay can be quite cold even on sunny days, and rain driven horizontally will soak a light jacket in no time.

    And, as always in Ireland, the weather is changeable.

    One piece of advice: avoid looking ridiculous and don't try to tame an umbrella in windy conditions. You are less likely stay dry than have somebody's eye out with it anyway.

    Weekdays are generally quieter in Howth, so they might be the best time to head here. The time best avoided is a sunny weekend or bank holiday between noon and around six in the evening, as Howth will be full to capacity then.

    It might be busy on sunny weekends, but it never gets rough here. So, what's keeping you away?