How to Travel to Denmark With a Dog

Pomeranian dog in travel bag
Terry Husebye / Getty Images

Traveling to Denmark with your dog (or cat) is no longer the hassle it once was. As long as you keep in mind a few pet travel requirements, taking your dog to Denmark will be quite easy. The rules for cats are the same.

Note that the completion of vaccinations and vet forms can take three to four months, so if you want to take your dog to Denmark, plan early. Tattooed dogs and cats no longer qualify (unless applied prior to July 3, 2011) based on Danish customs law and the European Union (EU) customs law, in favor of requiring microchips in pets.

The most important thing to know when taking your dog to Denmark is that two types of pet regulations exist depending on whether you enter Denmark from an EU country or from a non-EU country. This is an important difference in requirements, so make sure to abide by the correct one. The Danish Department of Agriculture provides a guide as well.

From an EU Country

First, get an EU pet passport from your vet. Your licensed veterinarian will be able to fill out the EU pet passport as required.

To take dogs to Denmark from within the EU, the dog must have been vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to travel, have a microchip (tattoo acceptable), and the EU pet passport. You can enter through any Danish border crossing.

From a Non-EU Country

Requirements for pet travel are slightly stricter. Like travelers from the EU, you should also get your dog a pet passport if at all possible or have your vet complete the Veterinary Certificate required to bring your pet (import it) into the European Union.

In addition, you will also need to notify the Border Inspection Post of your intention to travel to Denmark with your dog (or other pet) at least 24 hours in advance.

Keep in mind that any dogs, cats, and ferrets from third world countries must come into Denmark on flights to Copenhagen Kastrup Airport or flights to Billund Airport. Other airports are not allowed and not equipped to handle incoming traveling animals.

Taking your dog to Denmark from a non-EU country also requires the dog (or cat) to be vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days before traveling to Denmark.

When you arrive in Denmark with your dog, enter customs and request a pet inspection. Danish customs personnel will help you with the process and will check the dog's papers.

Tip for Booking Your Dog's Flight

When you book your flights to Denmark, don't forget to notify your airline that you wish to take your dog to Denmark with you. They will check for space and there will be a one-way charge. (If you wish to sedate your pet for the trip, ask whether the airline's animal transportation rules allow this.)

Please note that Denmark renews animal import regulations annually. By the time you travel, there may be slight procedural changes for dogs. Always check for official updates before taking your dog to Denmark.