How To Summer in Las Vegas

The Tips You Need To Plan Your Summer Vacation in Las Vegas

Why You Need To Summer in Las Vegas

I get to experience everything in Las Vegas so that you don't have to waste your time on the bad stuff. This summer your Las Vegas vacation will be perfect simply because I'm sending you to the best places to have fun in Las Vegas. You'll need sunscreen, a huge appetite and the ability to operate on very little sleep.

Are you concerned with the heat? Do you worry about the weather? You'll be in a pool or in the casino and both of those spots will keep you very cool. Take a look at some Las Vegas Weather resources to help you plan your Summer Vacation. Do you need 100 Days of Fun This Summer in Las Vegas?

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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Drink

 Zeke Quezada

  • Hyde Lounge Las Vegas - Your before dinner drink just got very cool
  • Lily Bar and Lounge at Bellagio - Yes, you'll get far too comfortable and you will want to stay at Lily all day.
  • Rhumbar at the Mirage - Soak up the atmosphere and sink into the lounge with a drink and a cigar
  • Parasol Down at Wynn Las Vegas - A great drink and a little work on your tan. One of my favorite spots on the Las Vegas strip
  • Chandelier bar at Cosmopolitan Hotel - If you try to count the crystals it's time to leave.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Sleep

Zeke Quezada


  • Cosmopolitan Hotel - You'll stay because the food, the nightlife, the pool and the rooms will make you very happy.
  • Palazzo Las Vegas - Maybe it's the large rooms or possibly the good food or the feeling you get when you walk through the doors. What ever it is you'll feel very lucky and the right amount of fancy at Palazzo.
  • Caesars Palace - It's Caesars! Sit at the pool all day and then head over to see Absinthe.
  • Mandalay Bay Ride a wave, have a drink in an ice bar or dive with sharks.
  • Encore Las Vegas - Dance at XS, have some drunken noodles at Wazuzu and then hit up the spa.
  • Flamingo Las Vegas - Water slide, Margaritaville and the best location in Las Vegas.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Eat

 Zeke Quezada

  • Shake Shack, because everybody deserves a good burger and a thick milk shake.
  • Tacos el Gordo - Yes, a cheap taco should be on your itinerary and when you think about how much money you will spend on cocktails you'll appreciate the low price tag.
  • Carlos 'n Charlies at The Flamingo - I'm a sucker for a place where the atmosphere is just as much fun as the food. The drinks are flowing and the music is loud and if you are not dancing you are watching everyone else having a good time. This is not fine dining it is flat out crazy, good, vacation, fun.
  • Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace - If you have to eat breakfast and you also want to include some sweet stuff in your diet this is the spot. It is never too early for chocolate.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Eat Well

 Zeke Quezada

  • L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon at MGM Grand - This is by far my favorite spot on the Las Vegas strip and it is the epitome of fine dining. However, L' Atelier de Joel Robuchon is a scaled back version of the super fine dining that you might be accustomed to. It is a casual approach to perfect food and you will not be disappointed by it's greatness.
  • Carnevino at Palazzo Las Vegas - This is the best steak in Las Vegas. Period. They have a very impressive beef program and because of that you get a level of quality that is tough to beat. Go with the 8 month dry aged steak and you'll realize what it means to be a true beef lover.
  • Harvest at Bellagio has to be on your radar because farm to table is not just lip service at this gem of a restaurant. Quality ingredients and plenty to get excited about.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Eat Cheap

 Zeke Quezada

  • Burgers in Las Vegas - There is so many quality burgers on the Las Vegas strip this list could bulge out to 20 selections. These are all among the very best.
  • Hash House A Go Go - If you split anything on this menu there will still be some leftovers. I like breakfast but a late night meal works well and a huge sandwich at lunch will make you happy.
  • Pizza in Las Vegas - Who doesn't like pizza? My favorite is still D.O.C.G. at Cosmopolitan but I can also easily have an entire pie at Grimaldi's.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Play In The Pool

 Courtesy of Mandalay Bay

  • The Beach at Mandalay Bay Hotel - Sand, surf and a river. This is still the best pool in Las Vegas if you want the total experience.
  • The Pool at Cosmopolitan Hotel - Adults will find this pool among the est because of all the pretty people and Marquee Day Club
  • The Garden of the Gods at Caesars Palace - The space of why I really enjoy the pool at Caesars Palace. There are so many options that in one day you can have a few different experiences.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Dance

 Courtesy of Marquee Las Vegas

  • XS at Encore - This is the ultimate summer nightclub experience. It's outside, the pool adds to the atmosphere and the crowd is always up for a good time.
  • Marquee at Cosmopolitan - Let's just say that there is a long line outside for a reason. This place is hot.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Be Entertained

The Skating Aratas at Absinthe at Caesars Palace
Photo By Tom Donoghue
  • Absinthe at Caesars Palace - You'll need an open mind and a desire to laugh. If you have that you'll have the best time of your life. This show is very good because it gives you the adult Las Vegas experience that includes crude humor and exceptional performances by very talented individuals.
  • The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil - This is often referred to as the best show in Las Vegas and it is hard to disagree when you hear the music you are familiar with along with the Cirque du Soleil performers.
  • Mac King at Harrah's _ If the world was perfect this would be the most attended show in Las Vegas. Mac King is hilarious, talented and can entertain all age groups with his magic and comedy act. This is the best deal in Las Vegas.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Go Off The Strip

 Murray Foubister / Wikimedia Commons

  • Grand Canyon - It might seem like a big hole in the ground but it is a very impressive place. See it from a helicopter or small airplane and it looks even grander.
  • Red Rock Canyon - These red rocks are just a few minutes from the strip and if you need a hike or a climb there are plenty of options for you.
  • Zion - 2 hours away this the National Park that should get as many visitors as the Grand Canyon but it doesn't. The sandstone is impressive and the canyon is worth spending some time hiking and exploring.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Get Something Free

Photo By Zeke Quezada
  • The Bellagio Fountains - Stand out front and see the music help the water dance.
  • Fremont Street Experience - Grad a fried twinkie and watch the lights above Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. There are also plenty of cheap food options in this area.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Get A Beer

  • Public House at Palazzo Las Vegas - They have the best beer program on the Las Vegas strip and they serve some good food. How can you have a summer vacation without Public House?
  • The Monte Carlo Pub - Huge list with plenty of great beers and so many televisions you will be able to watch every game all day long. By the way, it's right next to the Monte Carlo Pool if you need another diversion while enjoying your beer.
  • RiRa at Mandalay Place - An Irish Pub that actually feels authentic. You'll love the people, the food and the atmosphere.
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Summer in Las Vegas - Where To Get A Burger

Courtesy of KGB

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