Can You Road Trip with Marijuana?

A brief look at road tripping with marijuana

RVing with marijuana
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Marijuana is now legal in a handful of states. Since 2014, some jurisdictions in the US have passed bills and laws legalizing the growing, selling and personal consumption of recreational marijuana.

Currently, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Washington DC allow recreational marijuana use while many other states have already legalized the use of marijuana for medicinal reasons. For this article, we will focus on recreational marijuana. 

Legal, recreational marijuana presents a tricky situation for RVers as marijuana is still considered federally illegal in the United States. Let’s clear up some of the gray areas when it comes to RVing and marijuana legalization by discussing how it could pertain to RVers. 

RVing with Marijuana in the Legal States 

If your RVing trip takes you into a state or jurisdiction that has legalized marijuana, you may want to try some for yourself, and that is perfectly fine if you follow specific guidelines. 

Marijuana should be treated the same as alcohol within a moving vehicle. It should never be opened, consumed or even handled while the RV is in motion, and that goes for both the driver and passengers. Many states require marijuana to be stored in childproof containers that have certain types of seals. 

We suggest that you always keep any marijuana or THC-containing products in a child-proof container provided by a legal marijuana dispensary and store the container away from the driver’s area such as in a back cabinet. If a cop happens to pull you over and sees a marijuana container, you can be sure the officer will have further questions, even within a state where it is legal. 

Always follow any pertinent laws within a state where recreational marijuana is legal. You must be 21 to buy and have, you must have no more than the legal amount of that state, and you must follow any other guidelines and laws as they pertain to that state. Not sure about a state’s rules and laws? Ask the “budtender” when purchasing marijuana as they know local, state and federal law as well as many lawyers. 

Under no circumstances should a marijuana container be open while the vehicle is in motion and nor should you ever consume marijuana before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Consuming marijuana then driving is considered legally the same as consuming alcohol and driving and should never happen.

Consuming Marijuana in the Legal States

Again, marijuana should be treated like alcohol when it comes to consumption. You should only consume it in a private setting and only when it is allowed.

Marijuana may be legal in certain states, but many RV parks and state parks still forbid its use. Always check where you’re staying to find out their unique rules and regulations when it comes to marijuana consumption.

Follow these regulations to the letter, as the penalties for breaking the law even in legal states can be steep. You also may find yourself banned from certain RV parks or campgrounds in the future for violating their rules.

RVing with Marijuana Across State Lines 

The only two states that border each other and both allow recreational marijuana are Oregon and Washington. Oregon police have stated that as long as the law is followed, residents can buy marijuana within the state, and bring it across the border to another. This is the law for residents and the transport across state lines regardless of their legalization status is a gray area and is not recommended. 

Other than Oregon and Washington, marijuana is still completely illegal outside the state it was purchased in. You should never transport marijuana or marijuana-related products outside of the state’s borders in which you purchased it in.

Not only can you be cited for possession, but you could also face charges of trafficking, and that is much more than a slap on the wrist. To make everything easier follow this rule. Never transport marijuana across state lines. 

RV and National Parks 

National Parks or any National Park Service areas are considered federal land. Possession, consumption, or distribution of marijuana within National Parks is illegal, even in pot-friendly states.

Before you hit the road with your favorite strain of marijuana, make sure you understand the law of the state you come from, the state you’re traveling to, and where you’re parking.

Most RV parks and campgrounds aren’t going to allow marijuana, even having it on your person can be enough to get you kicked out of a park.

Just because you use marijuana doesn’t mean you can bring it with you everywhere, especially when RVing. Check with your RV park, campground, or destination to understand the regulations governing responsible marijuana use.

Disclaimer: The materials available at this website are for informational purposes only and not to provide legal advice. You should contact your attorney to get advice on any issue or problem.

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