Rent a Recliner for Your Cruise, Hotel Room or Cottage

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For a variety of reasons, some people sleep better in a recliner than they do on a traditional bed. Recliners can help alleviate the symptoms of back pain, sleep apnea and circulatory problems. Sleeping in a recliner is easy to do at home, but you can't take your recliner on vacation with you.

Or can you?

Does It Make Sense to Rent a Recliner for Your Trip?

Sleeping in a recliner on your trip is only practical if you will be sleeping in the same room during your entire journey. Recliners are large and difficult to move. This means renting a vacation cottage, staying in a single hotel or going on a cruise are your best options if you normally sleep in a recliner. You may be able to find a cottage or hotel room that is equipped with a recliner, but recliners are not standard furniture in cruise ship staterooms. You can, however, rent a recliner to use during your trip if your cruise line permits passengers to bring recliners onboard.

How to Rent a Recliner, Step by Step

Renting a recliner is a simple process, even if you are going on a cruise. Several medical equipment rental companies rent recliners to cruise passengers. Some of these companies can also deliver rented recliners to hotels and vacation cottages. You'll need to do some advance research to find a recliner that will be best for you. Here's how:

  1. Contact one or more equipment rental companies. Ask for the exact dimensions of the recliners that would be a good fit for you and get price quotes for the recliner that best meets your needs. (Tip: Some companies offer both traditional recliners and lift chairs.) Do not reserve a recliner just yet. You will need to resolve a couple of logistical issues first.
  2. Next, contact your cruise line, hotel or cottage owner to find out whether the recliner you are interested in will fit through the door. To avoid last-minute problems, ask for specific door measurements, taken inside the door frame, and compare those dimensions with the information you received from the equipment rental companies. This is also a good time to ask if other furniture, such as the bed you will not be using, could be removed so that there will be enough space in the room for the recliner.
  3. Once you have all of this information, determine which recliners will fit in your stateroom, hotel room or cottage. Review the rental terms and conditions, delivery options and cancellation policies for each of the recliners that will fit. If something happens and you have to cancel your trip, you will want the ability to cancel the recliner rental, too. Be prepared to forfeit all or part of your rental fee if you have to cancel at the last minute.
  4. Finally, reserve your recliner and pay the required deposit. Notify your cruise line, hotel or cottage owner of your recliner rental. Write down or print out the details of your recliner rental, including contact information, and bring them with you on your trip.

Companies That Rent Recliners


Scootaround, which bought CareVacations in 2015, rents recliners, lift chairs and other medical equipment to cruise passengers in North America, Europe, South America and Australia.

Special Needs Group/Special Needs at Sea

Special Needs at Sea rents medical equipment, including lift chairs, to passengers on all major cruise lines. They also deliver rental equipment to pre- and post-cruise hotels. Special Needs Group also offers rental service for travelers who are traveling to hotels, theme parks and resorts.

Mobility Equipment Hire Direct 

This UK-based company can deliver your rental recliner to destinations within the United Kingdom as well as to select destinations in Europe, the US and the Caribbean.

Medical Equipment Stores

Many medical equipment stores rent wheelchairs, walkers, recliners and lift chairs. Call medical equipment stores near your vacation destination as soon as you book your trip to ask about availability, pricing, delivery and set-up. If you are going on a cruise, medical equipment stores at your embarkation port may be able to deliver a recliner to your stateroom for an extra fee. Check with your cruise line before reserving a recliner.

Rent-to-own Furniture Stores

Some rent-to-own furniture stores, such as Rent-A-Center in the United States and CORT Furniture in the US and UK, will rent a recliner for a month or less. This may be a good option if you are staying in a hotel or vacation cottage that is not near a cruise port or a medical equipment store.

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