Five Ways To Rid Yourself Of Stress In Las Vegas

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Kids, jobs, parents and your hockey team can all lead to stress and trying to get that stiffness in your neck to go away can be a challenge unless you employ my easy five steps to rid yourself of worry in Las Vegas. I should note this stress relieving program is not for everyone. If you love to gamble you might find that going to Las Vegas makes you more stressed, in fact, if that is your issue you may have to go with destinations in the Caribbean or Hawaii. Lucky you!

Las Vegas is the stress reducing remedy that you have been looking for.

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The Spa Day To Help You Relax in Las Vegas

Qua Baths Spa at Caesars Palace
 Courtesy of Caesars Palace

This may seem like the obvious choice but when was the last time you reserved an entire day to sit around a spa? Exactly. We think about it but when we are off on vacation we start scheduling are time so tightly that soon are spa time is really a race to the spa with a quick massage and then back out on an excursion.  Not this time. My favorite spas include Qua Baths and Spa at Caesars Palace, Canyon Ranch Spa at Venetian and Aria Spa.

How to get rid of the stress: Take your time. Walk in and shower. Eucalyptus steam to start. Dry sauna to finish off the sweat. Shower, yes again, this time let the warm water really get into that neck stress that you have been holding on to. The hot tub! Take a magazine and really extend the time in the hot water. Now, seek out a lounge chair or a comfortable couch. Read. Do not read something on your phone. Read a trashy magazine.   

The Massage: Thai Poultice at Aria, Emperors Treatment at Qua and if you have a partner the Rasul at Canyon Ranch.

Shower again. Yes, I know, but that is all part of the relaxation. Find a couch with a television with bad afternoon programming. Watch it as you read more trashy magazines.

Spa day complete.

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Cocktails in Las Vegas

Parasol Down at the Wynn Las Vegas
 Courtesy of the Wynn Las Vegas

I am sure a cocktail alone does not do much to relax you but the process of sitting at a bar and having a conversation that turns into an afternoon of savory beverages and therapeutic laughter does plenty for the mind and soul. Pick someone you really like to sit at a bar with and find out just how easy it is to get lost in conversation in Las Vegas.

I’ll choose Parasol Down at Wynn for an outdoor drink, Chandelier Bar a Cosmopolitan for a fancy cocktail in a stunning spot, Scarlet at Palms for a tucked away drink in a secret location and Fusion at Palazzo for a celebration of mixology in the middle of a casino floor.

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Laugh A Little With Mac King

Courtesy of Mac King

Laugh hard enough and you’ll know what it feels like to be relaxed. Laugh so hard that you snort and you’ll soon forget why you may have been stressed at all. Mac King is not just a comedian or a magician, he is a performer and once you see him put on a show you’ll realize that the simple pleasure of laughing is really all you need to met the stress away.

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A Long Pool Day In Las Vegas

The lazy river at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas
 BKPower8 / Twenty20

 Step one in your attempt to get rid of the stress at a Las Vegas pool s to give up on thinking other people care about what your body looks like. Everyone is so concerned with what they look like they will not have time to look at you. Now that that is out of the way, grab an inner tube and a cocktail and float on the lazy river all day. By the end of the day you’ll need a nap you are so relaxed.  Try the lazy rivers at Mandalay Bay, Monte Carlo or MGM Grand

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Day Hike in Red Rock Canyon

 samiamm327 / Twenty20

 Fresh air and a little bit of exercise is a great recipe for a stress reliever. You might not be the type that goes on vacation to get in a workout but head up to Red Rock Canyon and you’ll soon be exploring the sandstone cliffs and taking selfies with spectacular views. Get away from the ordinary and you’ll soon start feeling extraordinary!

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If All Else Fails, Dance!

 Courtesy of Hakkasan Las Vegas Nightclub

If all else fails pull an all nighter dancing at Hakkasan nightclub. Walk in early and be the last to leave. Dance like you never have danced before. Take the center of the dance floor and get in your cardio workout while moving to the sound of very loud electric dance music.

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