How To Pronounce Long Island, New York Place Names

Learn how to sound like a resident

Amagansett beach fence
Joseph O. Holmes / / Getty Images

Long Island, New York has a number of places that were named after the Native American designations for these areas or other words that are less familiar to the average person. If you're a newcomer to the island, it might at first seem difficult to pronounce some of these tongue-twisting names. Here's a quick guide to some of the hard-to-pronounce places in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Take a look and you'll sound like a long-time resident in no time!

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Amagansett - Say "am-uh-GAN-set."

Aquebogue - Say "ACK-wuh-BOG." The name is said to come from the Algonquian word for "head of the bay."

Asharoken - Say "ASH-uh-RO-ken."

Bohemia - Say "bo-HE-mee-uh." This hamlet in the Town of Islip in Suffolk County was named for its original founders, immigrants from a village in Bohemia, now in the area currently known as the Czech Republic.

Commack - Say "KO-mack."

Copiague - Say "CO-payg." The name supposedly comes from an Algonquian word for harbor or a place of shelter.

Cutchogue - Say "CUTCH-og."

Hauppauge - Say "HAH-pog." Native Americans called the area near the headwaters of the Nissequogue (NISS-uh-quog) River by this name. In the Algonquian language, it means "overflowed land."

Hewlett - Say "YOU-let." Named for the Hewlett family. (They were once the owners of Rock Hall, now a museum in Lawrence.)

Islandia - Say "eye-LAND-ee-uh."

Islip - Say "EYE-slip."

Long Island - We say "lawn-GUY-land!"

Massapequa - Say "mass-uh-PEAK-wuh." It was named for a Native American designation for the area.

Matinecock - Say "mat-IN-uh-cock."

Mattituck - Say "MAT-it-uck."

Mineola - Say "mini-OH-luh." This village in Nassau county was first named after an Algonquin chief, Miniolagamika, and the word means "pleasant village." It was later changed to "Mineola."

Moriches - Say "mor-ITCH-iz."

Nesconset - Say "ness-CON-set." Named for the sachem (a Native American chief) Nasseconset.

Patchogue - Say "PATCH-og."

Peconic - Say "peh-CON-ick."

Quogue - Say "KWOG."

Ronkonkoma - Say "ron-CON-kuh-muh."

Sagaponack - Say "sag-uh-PON-ick."

Setauket - Say "set-AW-ket."

Speonk - Say "SPEE-onk."

Shinnecock - Say "SHIN-uh-cock."

Shoreham - Say "SHORE-um."

Syosset - Say "sigh-OSS-ett."

Wantagh - Say "WON-taw."

Wyandanch - Say "WHY-an-danch." The name comes from the sachem (a Native American chief) Wyandanch. His name is said to derive from the Native American word that means "a wise speaker."

Yaphank - Say "YAP-hank."