How to Play Celebrity or Celebrities

A fun group guessing game for families with kids ages 8 and up

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This pop culture team-based guessing game is a lot of fun and can be played anywhere— ​​road trips, hotel room, beach house, ​camping tent—as a parlor game. It's also an excellent icebreaker you can play at family reunions and multigenerational gatherings.

Celebrity is played with a group of at least six people.

How to Play Celebrity

You'll need the following materials to get started:

  • small slips of paper and a pen or pencil for each player.
  • a timer
  • a hat, basket or small bag

Divide into two teams, with three or more people per team and younger kids divided evenly between the teams. In this game, you'll try to get your team to guess which celebrity you are. There are three rounds, so plan for an hour or so of playing time. 

Each player gets 5 to 10 slips of paper and a pen. Ask everyone write down the name of one celebrity on each slip. These names can be of real people in history, either living or dead (e.g., Pope Francis, Benedict Arnold, John F. Kennedy), fictional characters (e.g., Harry Potter, Batman, Katniss Everdeen), movie stars both past and present (e.g., Audrey Hepburn, Ben Stiller, Harrison Ford), artists, musicians, sports figures, and so on. Players should be instructed to choose names familiar to at least half of the players. Everyone should keep the names hidden and fold up their slips of paper, then place all of them in a hat or bag.

Round One

Choose one person from Team 2 to operate the timer and another to be the scorekeeper. Set the timer for one minute. The objective is to get your team to guess as many celebrities as possible in one minute.

A volunteer from Team 1 begins by choosing a slip of paper from the hat. Team 1's volunteer gives only verbal clues to describe the celebrity named on the slip and tries to get his or her team to correctly guess the name. The clue giver cannot mention the name itself. If Team 1 guesses the name correctly, it gets one point. The clue giver tosses the slip aside and quickly grabs another slip from the hat and gives clues for the second celebrity name. Team 1 to get as many points as possible before time expires. If the volunteer does not know the celebrity name, she can skip it and pick another slip but this results in a deduction of one point. 

At the end of the minute, switch sides, with Team 1 operating the timer and scorekeeping and a volunteer from Team 2 taking on the role of clue giver to his team.

The game continues, switching back and forth between the teams and using the remaining slips in the hat.

When there are no more slips remain in the hat, round one is over.  Add up all the number of slips for each team, and subtract any penalty points. This is the score going into round two.

Round Two

Put all the slips of paper back in the hat. The process is similar, continuing to use a timer and scorekeeper. This time, however, players can only give a single one-word clue for each celebrity name. The challenge is thinking of a really descriptive, succinct word. 

Play switches from Team 1 to Team 2 and back again until all the slips of paper are used. Tally the score.

Round Three

Put all the slips of paper back in the hat. Once again, the round is run with the help of a timer and scorekeeper. In the final round, players cannot use any words, only actions, to give clues for the celebrity name on each slip. 


In round one, you cannot say any part of the celebrity’s name. You also may not spell, rhyme, use foreign languages or give spelling clues such as, “Her name begins with B."

In round two, only one word can be used as a clue but can be repeated as many times as necessary.

In each round, the clue giver may skip any name he does not know (with a one-point penalty) but once he moves forward with giving clue he must stick with the name until it is guessed or the timer runs out.

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