How To Pack Light For Greece For Men

Young guy sitting near white house in Santorini
Alexander Spatari / Getty Images

Who do you want to be - a sweaty man with two carry-on bags, a suit bag, and a suitcase large enough to hold a small piano or the carefree guy with a single duffel bag?

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: 60 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Choose a soft-sided bag suitable for carry-on. On crowded flights, pull-out handle luggage with wheels may be refused as carry-on, regardless of whether it makes the size requirements, forcing you to pick it up at the carousel. A soft bag will almost always pass. Remember, European regionalĀ airlines usually allow only a single carry-on bag.
  1. Decide what you will wear to travel in. Deduct those items from the list below.
  2. Begin packing according to this list - it's what you need for spring-summer-fall travel in Greece:
  3. 2 pairs pants - 1 pair light-colored heavyweight pants, jeans type but preferably not blue as this still has a 60s "hippie" association which may not be positive in all contexts; one dark 'dressier' pair.
  4. 1 light sweater or hoodie (or buy one in Greece).
  5. 1-2 pairs shorts
  6. 1 long-sleeved shirt
  7. 1 - 2 pairs bathing trunks
  8. 3-5 pairs underwear
  9. 3-5 pairs socks
  10. 1 pair good walking shoes, already broken in.
  11. 1 pair sandals, rubber-bottomed, strap-on, 'swimmable' types are best to avoid sea anemones.
  12. 1 windbreaker or other light, waterproof jacket
  13. 1 hat -or, buy it in Greece as a souvenir, along with any t-shirts you may need.
  14. Sample-size toiletries (shampoo is heavy!); necessary medications in original bottles; notebook with pocket for receipts, booklets, etc; camera, extra rolls of film (much cheaper outside of Greece, though more powerful X-Ray machines mean that it has to go in your carryon) or extra media for digital cameras.


    1. Wear your bulkiest shoes and jacket as part of your travel outfit. What - your bulky shoes aren't comfortable enough for airport treks? This tells you that pair shouldn't go at all.
    2. Avoid metal spray cans containing toiletries - these can sometimes trigger a secondary search of your checked bags, increasing the chance they will miss your flight even if you checked in with plenty of time. This is especially likely if they are clumped together in the suitcase.
    1. Tempted to fill up any extra room? Don't! - leave it for souvenirs on the trip back.