How to Get to Caceres from Madrid, Seville, Lisbon and Merida

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Here are the details of how to get from Madrid to Caceres by various forms of transport.

Madrid to Caceres

The train from Caceres to Madrid takes about 3h30 and costs about 40 euros. A good option for purchasing tickets online is Rail Europe.

There are buses throughout the day between Madrid and Caceres. The journey takes four to five hours and costs about 20 euros. Tickets can only be bought online from Avanzabus. Alternatively, buy your tickets in person at the bus station.

The train station you need from Madrid is Atocha. The bus station from Madrid is Mendez Alvaro. Read more about Bus and Train Stations in Madrid.

Traveling mainly by the A-5 highway, the 300km trip from Madrid to Caceres takes about 3h30.

Suggested Itinerary from Madrid to Caceres

Public transport doesn't take you to any particularly interesting places on the way. However, if driving, Toledo is a great place to visit on the way.

From Merida to Caceres

There are regular trains, taking under an hour and costing around eight euros. 

How to Get from Seville to Caceres

There are buses throughout the day, taking three to four hours and costing about 20 euros. But you're better off going via Merida, to see the fantastically well-preserved Roman ruins and then continue to Caceres by train.

There is one train per day from Seville to Caceres, taking nearly five hours to make the journey.

Visiting from Lisbon

There are two direct buses per day from Lisbon to Caceres (and vice versa). The journey takes about five hours and costs around 30 euros. It's easy to book Bus Tickets online.

The 320km drive from Lisbon to Caceres takes about three hours. Take the A2, A6 and EX-100 roads. Note that some of these roads are toll roads.

What Happened to the Train?

There was once a train from Madrid to Lisbon that passed through Caceres. However, this was discontinued some years ago (the service that connects the Iberian capitals now goes via Salamanca.

Suggested Stops Between Lisbon and Caceres

Evora, in Portugal's Alentejo wine region, is the perfect place to break up the five-hour bus journey. Consider taking a while there.

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