How to Get to Benicassim from Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona

Transport to the music festival from Spain's biggest cities and airports

Go to Benicassim and you could be these people
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Every summer, the Benicassim music festival takes over the quaint beach town of the same name that lies on the country's eastern coast. 2020's edition (the 26th anniversary of the event) promises to be bigger and better than ever, with names like Lana Del Rey George Ezra, Kings of Leon and more taking the stage from July 16–19. 

But before you head out to the festival itself, you'll need to get to the town of Benicassim. To make your journey easier, consider heading there from one of the top arrival points in Spain for visitors to the festival: Madrid, Valencia, or Barcelona. 

Which Airport is Best for Visiting Benicassim?

The nearest airports with international flights are Valencia, Reus, Barcelona and Madrid (in that order). Don't fly to Girona airport, which is on the wrong side of Barcelona—your trip will take considerably longer. The Benicassim festival runs transfer buses directly from these airports. Be sure to book well in advance, as spots fill up fast.

Traveling Within Spain by Coach

The Benicassim festival also offers coach services for attendees from several major cities in Spain. A full list of departure points is available on their website. Again, be sure to book your spot ASAP to ensure you have a ticket. 

If you're staying in a nearby larger city such as Castellón, Marina d'Or, or Oropesa the festival offers a shuttle bus service from these areas to the event. Bus passes for the entire duration of the festival are available for 60 euros. Be sure to book your tickets directly via the event website, as there are a handful of unofficial bus services available as well that will not take you to the actual festival. 

Top Tips for Getting to Benicassim

  • Note that Benicassim is the name of the festival as well as the town where it is held. So if you find public transport to Benicassim, unless it explicitly says 'to the festival', it will be to the town. From there, you would need to find transportation to the festival on your own.
  • There is a train line that connects Valencia to Barcelona via Benicassim. Valencia is the nearest big city to Benicassim, so if at all possible you should arrive in Valencia to make things easier. After that, the city with the next best transport connections is Barcelona. 
  • Getting from Madrid to Benicassim, on the other hand, is the most complicated option. If you are traveling from Madrid, you are best off stopping for a night in Valencia.

Best Way to Get from Valencia to Benicassim

From the cityTrains from Valencia run to Benicassim various times a day. Travel times range from 45 minutes to two and a half hours depending on cost (between 8 and 30 euros) and type of train. Trains are operated by Spain's national rail service, Renfe.

From the airport: As mentioned above, the festival itself offers transport from Valencia Airport to the festival, but only during the dates of the event. 

How to Get from Madrid to Benicassim

The easiest way to get from Madrid to Benicassim is by train. While Benicassim does have its own train station, arriving from Madrid can be cumbersome—the journey takes between four and five hours, on average. Keep in mind that you'll likely have to transfer in Valencia, which should be included in your ticket. 

The 430km journey from Madrid to Benicassim takes about four and a half hours by car, traveling mainly along the A3 road. A more scenic route takes you via the popular town of Cuenca, but this will add an hour to your journey time.

How to Get from Barcelona, Reus and Tarragona to Benicassim

There are direct trains from Barcelona to Benicassim throughout the day. The train takes between two and a half and four hours, and costs range from 16 and 35 euros.

If flying to Reus, consider stopping for a day or two in Tarragona, which is famous for its Roman ruins and is on the train line from Barcelona to Benicassim.

If you have access to a car, the 300km journey from Barcelona to Benicassim takes about two and a half hours.


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