How to Get to Benicassim from Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona

Transport to the music festival from Spain's biggest cities and airports

Go to Benicassim and you could be these people
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The most popular arrival points in Spain for visitors to the Benicassim festival is Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona.

Which Airport is Best for Visiting Benicassim?

The nearest airports with international flights are Valencia, Reus, Barcelona and Madrid (in that order). Don't fly to Girona airport, which is on the wrong side of Barcelona. Read more about Barcelona Airports.

Benicassim festival runs buses directly from these airports.

Book well in advance from their website Benicassim festival.

Top Tips for Getting to Benicassim

  • Note that Benicassim is the name of the festival as well as the town where it is held. So if you find public transport to Benicassim, unless it explicitly says 'to the festival', it will be to the town.
  • Reus airport is better than Barcelona airport. Consider a stop in Tarragona and then take the train.
  • There is a train line that connects Valencia to Barcelona via Benicassim. Valencia is the nearest big city to Benicassim - if at all possible you should arrive in Valencia. After that, the city with the next best transport connections is Barcelona. 
  • It is not so easy to get from Madrid to Benicassim. If you are traveling from Madrid, you are best off stopping for a night in Valencia.

Best Way to Get from Valencia to Benicassim

From the city The train from Valencia to Benicassim takes about an hour and costs between 8 and 18 euros, depending on the exact train you take.

Check times and prices here but book in person: Renfe

From the airport There is 'official' transport put on by the festival, but only during the festival period.

How to Get from Madrid to Benicassim

The easiest way to get from Madrid to Benicassim is by train. Benicassim has its own train station, but you'll need to transfer in Valencia.

The journey from Madrid to Valencia takes under two hours if traveling by AVE high-speed train and the trip from Valencia to Benicassim takes under an hour.

Note that the high-speed train from Madrid to Valencia is quite expensive. If you are flying to Madrid because it is cheaper, bear in mind the extra cost in getting to Valencia.

There is no direct bus from Madrid to Benicassim. Book most buses in Spain from Movelia.

The 430km journey from Madrid to Benicassim takes about four-and-a-half hours by car., traveling mainly along the A3 road. A more scenic route takes you via the popular town of Cuenca, but this will add an hour to your journey time.

How to Get from Barcelona, Reus and Tarragona to Benicassim

There are direct trains from Barcelona to Benicassim throughout the day. The train takes between two-and-a-half and four hours and cost between 20 and 35 euros. Check times on the Renfe site, but good luck trying to book tickets from them!

If flying to Reus, consider stopping for a day or two in Tarragona, which is famous for its Roman ruins and is on the train line from Barcelona to Benicassim.

There are infrequent buses that are rarely cheaper than the train. 

The 300km journey from Barcelona to Benicassim takes about two-and-a-half hours, going via Tarragona.