How to Get From Stockholm to Uppsala

Travel options between these Swedish cities

Stockholm train
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To get from Stockholm to Uppsala (or from Uppsala to Stockholm) while in Sweden, you have a few transportation options, each with pros and cons. Let's find out which transportation mode between these two cities fits you best.

Stockholm to Uppsala by Train

Taking the train from Stockholm to Uppsala is a smart choice. It takes only about 40 minutes, and trains leave each city's central station at least twice hourly.

This transportation option is flexible and, at around SEK 100 ($11) for a round-trip ticket, very cheap.

From Stockholm Arlanda Airport (in the middle between Stockholm and Uppsala), the journey (37 kilometers/23 miles) by train takes only 20 minutes but costs more ($26 and higher one way).

The trains are operated by Swedish Railways. You can buy tickets from their website, ticket machines, kiosks or the train operator.

Stockholm to Uppsala by Car

If you'd like to rent a car, it makes for a very nice drive. Take E4 north and you'll reach Uppsala after 71 kilometers (44 miles).

Getting from Stockholm to Uppsala (and back) by car will take about 50 minutes, so it's not faster than the train. It is likely to be more expensive with the rental and gas costs, however. Choose this option if you want to be completely independent of connection schedules.

Stockholm to Uppsala by Bus

Buses run between the cities of Stockholm and Uppsala, but there are fewer departures than the train connection.

It’s about 63 kilometers (39 miles) between the two, and at 90 minutes, it’s the slowest option and somewhat higher priced than the train. A round-trip ticket costs about SEK 138 ($16).

Stockholm to Uppsala by Air

Getting from Stockholm to Uppsala by air is neither possible nor worth the flight: Stockholm Arlanda Airport lies right in the middle between the two cities.