How to Travel From Stockholm to Uppsala by Train, Bus, and Car

The Swedish capital of Stockholm

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For many foreigners visiting Sweden, their trip starts and ends in Stockholm. While the Swedish capital offers plenty to keep any traveler busy, there's so much more to explore in the rest of the country if you take the time to visit it. One of the most accessible—and charming—cities from Stockholm is Uppsala, a college town and historical city that's just under 45 miles away and perfect for a day trip or weekend excursion.

The train is the transport of choice for visitors and locals alike, taking as little as half an hour from one city to the other at affordable prices. The bus is even cheaper but takes over twice as long as the train. For those who want to see even more outside of Uppsala, you can rent a car and continue to explore Sweden's rugged and spectacular landscape.

  Time Cost Best For
Train 31 minutes from $8 Arriving on a time crunch
Bus 1 hour, 20 minutes from $6 Traveling on a budget
Car 50 minutes 44 miles (71 kilometers) Road tripping through Sweden

What Is the Cheapest Way to Get From Stockholm to Uppsala?

FlixBus is usually the transit option of choice for travelers on a budget in Europe, and buses from this popular company start for as low as $6 if you buy them just a few days in advance. Ticket prices go up slightly if you don't plan ahead, but even last-minute tickets shouldn't cost more than $8-$10. The journey takes about one hour and 20 minutes, so it's also the slowest method for getting to Uppsala. However, buses depart from and arrive at the central train station in each city, both of which are easily accessible and within walking distance of all the major attractions.

What Is the Fastest Way to Get From Stockholm to Uppsala?

The fastest way for getting to Uppsala—and in nearly all cases the best way—is taking the train. High-speed trains from Stockholm Central Station complete the journey in 30–50 minutes and there are dozens of options each day, making it a convenient option for those who just want to visit Uppsala for the day. Apart from being quick, the train is also affordable. One-way tickets start at roughly $8 when purchased in advance. Tickets do quickly go up in price on this popular commuter route but max out at 126 kronor, or about $12, so even a last-minute plan is affordable.

You can see the schedule and purchase tickets directly through the Swedish railway system.

How Long Does It Take to Drive?

Stockholm and Uppsala are only separated by 44 miles and if you have access to a vehicle, it's a short drive that takes less than an hour without traffic. The E4 Highway is the principal motorway that runs through Sweden and is the fastest way to travel between the two cities by car. Parking in the city center is expensive and difficult to find, but you won't need your car in Uppsala once you arrive. You'll have an easier time and save money by parking a few blocks outside of the city center and walking in.

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Uppsala?

Uppsala is one of Sweden's largest cities and by far the most populated suburb of Stockholm. Trains run so frequently that you shouldn't have a problem getting a seat, but if you're traveling during a weekday morning or evening, you may find that rush hour tickets are the most expensive. Try traveling outside of peak hours—after 9 a.m. and before 4 p.m.—for the lowest-priced tickets. For those driving to Uppsala, the same timeframe applies to avoid traffic. If you hit the roads during rush hour, it may draw out your trip to an hour and a half.

If you aren't used to icy roads, you should also avoid driving in winter when snowstorms can lead to dangerous conditions. Stick to the train for a safe and hassle-free journey during the coldest months of the year.

What's the Most Scenic Route to Uppsala?

Regardless of which method of transport you take, the route from Stockholm to Uppsala is fairly straight and direct. However, having a car gives you more freedom to explore the area around Uppsala. The E4 Highway connects Stockholm to Uppsala, but if you have the time, continue on the E4 after Uppsala farther north into Sweden. The highway veers over toward the coast, eventually arriving at the breathtaking Höga Kusten, or High Coast, a UNESCO World Heritage Site recognized for its beautiful glacial formations.

What Is There to Do in Uppsala?

The Uppsala Castle and Uppsala Cathedral are two of the most important structures not just in the city, but in all of Sweden. The cathedral, which is the largest church in Scandinavia and the seat of the Church of Sweden, towers over the city. Uppsala Castle is a 16th-century palace that hangs over the city on a ridge, offering unbeatable views of Uppsala below. The historical area of Gamla Uppsala was once a centerpiece of Viking life and thanks to virtual reality, you can visit and see these lands as they looked centuries ago. Uppsala is also a huge college town and home to Scandinavia's oldest university, so the city is filled with trendy cafes, hip bars, and fun eateries to fill in the time between sightseeing.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How far is it from Stockholm to Uppsala?

    Uppsala is 44 miles (71 kilometers) from Stockholm.

  • How do I get from Stockholm to Uppsala?

    You can take a train, bus, or car to Uppsala from Stockholm. No matter which method of transport you use, the journey won't be longer than two hours.

  • How much is the train from Stockholm to Uppsala?

    Tickets start at 55 Swedish kronor (about $6) and the maximum cost of a ticket is 126 kronor ($12).