How to Find Cheap Flights to Asia

Asian Airfare Made Easy With These Helpful Tips

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If you're planning a budget trip around the world, it's most likely going to include Asia. This part of the planet is one of the most inexpensive for travelers, while still offering great value for money. For Americans, though, the toughest part of planning a trip to Asia is finding a good deal on flights. You'll need to travel half-way around the world to get to most parts of Asia, so the prices of airfare can be expensive. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of websites out there to help you score the best possible deal on your flights. 

How to Find Cheap Flights to Asia

With so many flight aggregators and budget airlines around, you should be able to pick up return airfare to Asia for well under $1,000. If you time it right, you could maybe even find yourself scoring round-trip flights for as little as $400! Here's how to do it. 

Check the flight aggregators first: Flight aggregators check dozens of airlines at once, which saves you time (and money) when you're looking to book a ticket. I recommend trying out Skyscanner, Adioso, and Google Flights to start with, as you'll cover the vast majority of budget airlines with this search. 

Travel aggregators work best when you're flexible. If at all possible, look for flights to an entire country in Asia rather than a particular city, and be sure to search for flight dates over an entire month to discover the cheapest day to fly. 

Student airfare is always an option: As a student, you'll gain access to airline prices that are far cheaper than you would otherwise have to pay. Before you book anything, make sure to check out the fares STA Travel offers to see what deals are available. 

Regularly check Secret Flying: When it comes to the absolute best deals on airfare, Secret Flying is the site to check. Head to the website, head to the section for USA airfare deals, and start browsing. At the time of writing, some of the best deals to Asia that are available include: 

  • Return flights from LA to Japan for $469
  • Return flights from New York to Bali for $544
  • Return flights from DC to Bangkok for $625
  • Return flights from Chicago to Beijing for $435
  • Return flights from LA to Borneo for $462

And those are just the deals that have been shared in the last week! If you're looking for a bargain on flights to Asia, Secret Flying is my top tip for finding one. 

How to Find Cheap Airfare With Asia

If you'll be visiting multiple countries on your trip to Asia, you'll be pleased to hear that this is the continent that rules when it comes to budget airlines. In parts of Southeast Asia, for example, you'll often find that flights within a country work out to be more affordable than taking the bus or the train! 

Here's how to score a great deal on your flights within Asia: 

AirAsia is king: When it comes to budget flights, your first port of call should be the AirAsia website. This is one of the largest budget airlines in the region and they're known for their low-cost fares. If you're in Asia without many fixed plans, it's worth taking a look to see if they have a sale on. Like Ryanair in Europe, if you check their page at the right time, you can pick up a flight for just a few dollars. 

Research which budget airlines are around: There are lots of small budget airlines in Asia that aren't necessarily included in the big flight aggregators, like Skyscanner. Check out our list of every budget airline in the world to get started with your trip planning. 


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