After Your Trip: How To Bring The Spa Lifestyle Home

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Going to a destination spa once a year is a wonderful experience.  Who wouldn't feel better after a week of exercise, healthy eating and spa treatments?  You can take time to focus on what you need to get healthier, whether it's amping up your exercise or calming down.  Spa professionals help assess your strengths and weaknesses and and create a plan to help you improve. 

Then you get back home.  Your work load is back, and the support is out the window.  How do you bring the spa lifestyle back home when your spa trip is over? 

First, many spas have specialists in nutrition, exercise and behavior that you can talk to or sykpe with from home.  Consider staying connected to the professionals you met and found helpful.  You already made an investment in your health by going. By keeping up periodic sessions, you stay connected to a source of support until the changes are more entrenched in your life.

Bringing the spa lifestyle home also means making an ongoing commitment to your health and wellness. It's all the things the spa professionals said are so important....the things you said you would do.  It's important to remind yourself of the essentials of a healthy lifestyle, and why they are important to you.  Do you want to lose weight?  Feel better?  Be around for someone you love?  Think of that when you are  trying to keep up the positive changes you started on at the spa.  

Exercise Regularly.

Regular exercise has so many health benefits it's hard to remember them all.  It helps control your weight and helps you prevent or manage a wide range of health problems, includes cardiovascular diseases, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and depression.  It boosts your energy, makes you feel better, and helps you sleep.  If you don't currently exercise, professionals at spas can assess your fitness and help you develop a customized.  If you're already fit, they can help you take it up a notch.  

Food is another foundation of a healthy lifestyle.  Most of us know what we should do: eat plenty of greens; eliminate sugar and white refined flour, eat smaller portions and drink enough water.  But the wrong choices are so much easier to make.  Going to a destination spa will give you lots of healthy choices, without depriving you, and give you inspiration for back home.   

Sleep Well

Getting plenty of good-quality sleep will bring better health, and spas can help you put healthy sleep habits into place.  Take the time to exercise so you go to bed genuinely tired.  Avoid stimulation before bedtime, and try to get into a routine.  Relaxation techniques and  spa treatments can also help.  

Practice Meditation.

Medical studies show that meditation helps calm your mind, lower stress, and improve your mood.   Take the meditation class at the spa, or look for local resources that offer meditation instruction and practice, like a church or Buddhist center.  Instruction can help with finding a comfortable posture and learning how to work with the mind.  It's also helpful to practice with a group of people.  Some other form of meditative practice, like 

Getting regular massage can have tremendous health benefits.  Most people get it because it helps so much with muscle tension and pain.  When you first get a massage it takes the tissue a while to respond.  With time, it becomes more pliable and therapists can quickly work out cramps and spasms.  Regular facials help you keep your skin healthy and beautiful -- and it's your body's largest organ. 

There are lots of ways you can nurture yourself at home.  You can take a warm bath, give yourself a body scrub, or try a home facial (no extractions, please!)   

You are responsible for your health, and it's good to have as many habits as possible that make you feel good now an prevent problems down the road.