How to Avoid Getting Pregnant on Your Honeymoon

Use Birth Control to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancy on Your Honeymoon

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What do you expect to happen on your honeymoon? It's realistic to anticipate time spent on sightseeing, sharing new adventures, taking plenty of pictures together, and indulging in lots of joyous and unrestrained lovemaking when you finally have the time and a place to be alone together undisturbed. There's also one more thing that may occur: Unless a heterosexual bride is menstruating or very careful, she can become pregnant.

Not every couple wants or intends to start a family early in their marriage. To avoid getting pregnant during your honeymoon (or at any other time), it is essential to consistently use birth control.

For some newlyweds on their honeymoon, the biggest risk is missing out on seeing all the attractions outside the bedroom. For others, unwanted pregnancy is a risk they'd rather not take.

How to Avoid Getting Pregnant

Birth control can be used by men or women. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.'s Contraception Expert explains the five types of birth control available: natural, over the counter, prescription, permanent, and emergency.

Discuss with your partner in advance of your wedding the type of birth control you want to use to avoid getting pregnant. Whichever one or combination of methods you choose, understand that you must use birth control every time you have intercourse to avoid getting pregnant.

Yes, you can buy condoms online.

It's an Emergency

On your honeymoon, there's always the chance of a birth control failure such as a condom slipping off or breaking, someone skipped taking her pills, or a similar situation that allowed sperm to meet egg unimpeded. Fortunately, emergency contraception (also known as the "morning-after pill") can be used to avoid pregnancy.

There are a number of over-the-counter emergency contraception medications available in pill form. The best known and most widely available is sold under the brand name Plan B.

Note that emergency contraception should not be used as regular birth control as the pills can have side effects and no one wants to spend the remainder of her honeymoon feeling lousy. Also, be aware that depending where you travel, products such as Plan B may not be readily available — so a bit of pre-trip planning will go a long way in helping you to extend that honeymoon feeling until you are ready to start a family.

Buy Plan B emergency contraception online. And just for safe-keeping, tuck it into your carry-on luggage.

Note: Steps you take to avoid getting pregnant will not prevent you from becoming pregnant after you abandon the use of birth control.

When You Absolutely Need to Avoid Getting Pregnant on Your Honeymoon

Until there is a vaccine or cure for the Zika virus, couples who honeymoon in any of the affected countries must be extra vigilant about using birth control. Babies born to pregnant women who were infected with the Zika virus stand a chance of being born with severe birth defects. Even after you return home, continue using birth control for a minimum of six months in case you were bitten by the tiny mosquito that can turn honeymoon passion into a lifetime of despair.