Learn the Proper Way to Pronounce "Phuket," the Province in Thailand

The Right Way to Say the Name for This Thai Province

Wooded bridge pier in Phuket
Prasit Photo / Getty Images

One of the southern provinces of Thailand, Phuket is made up of the large Island of Phuket plus 32 other small islands. These islands are located in the Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand. With more than 30 beautiful beaches to choose from, as well as a lively lifestyle, Phuket is a beach vacationers' dream destination. But before you begin packing your swimsuit, straw hat, and flip-flops, you need to make sure you can properly pronounce the name of this Thai province!

The Right Way to Say Phuket

It may sound like profanity, but many people mistakingly pronounce Phuket as "Fuket." Although this makes sense since in English the letters "p" and "h" next to each other make an "f" sound, this is not the case in the language of Thai—in Thai, when a "p" is followed by an "h" the "h" is silent, so you simply pronounce the "p." Therefore, Phuket is read as "Poo-ket."

Pronouncing Other Thai Words

This same rule applies across the board, so Koh Phi Phi (another island in Thailand) is pronounced "pee pee," not "fee fee." Koh Pha Ngan (the Thai island known for its full moon party) is pronounced "pang gan," not "fang gan."

What to Do in Phuket

Now that you know how to say it, you may want to take a trip to Phuket. And it is well worth it. There is a lot more to do on Phuket Island (and those surrounding) than just relax on the sand. From the limestone vertical cliffs at Phang Nga Bay to the giant Buddha on top of the Nakkerd Hills to the charm of Old Phuket Town, there is plenty of unique beauty to explore. The culture is also something to experience, whether it be enjoying the nightlife or taking in a cabaret or trapeze show.