Houston Average Monthly Temperatures and Rainfall

Downtown Houston, Texas
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Houston's known for having high heat and even higher humidity — and it's a reputation that's well earned. Most of the year, the city's temperatures hop between 60 and 80, and you can almost always bet the sun — or the precipitation — will be at maximum capacity. But while warmer temperatures are the norm, it's not uncommon for the thermostat to jump 30 degrees over the course of a single work day, especially in the winter.

 Whether you're planning a trip to the beach, a hike or bike trail, or any number of the city's green spaces, knowing what to expect weather-wise can help you better prepare for what you'll encounter — so you can maximize your experience. 

While Houston can get a bit stuffy, there are times during the year when it can be downright pleasant — if you know when to visit. Make no mistake; the city's reputation for being rainy year-round is well deserved. After all, it gets, on average, a whopping 45 inches of precipitation a year — more than drizzly Seattle's 34 inches. But it also sees a lot of sunshine, clocking an average of 2,633 hours every year. And while the weather can be a little unpredictable, you can pretty much bank on winters being short and summers being long in Houston, albeit with a slight risk for hurricanes

If you're planning a trip to the city between December and March (for the rodeo, for example), you might want to bring along a pea coat and scarf (just in case).

But if visiting April through November, expect the weather to be hot and humid with frequent rainfall and a blazing sun. Regardless of the time of year, if you're coming to Houston to visit one of its many great attractions, you'll want to pack layers to adapt to fluctuating temperatures and the ubiquitous air-conditioning 

Weather can also vary by geographic location, too. Houston is big — really big. The metro area has more square miles than the state of New Jersey, and where you are when bad weather fronts move through can make a big difference. The sun could be shining downtown while the city's north side gets pinged with flash flood alerts. Similarly, people in Galveston can be busting out their bikinis and soaking in the sun, while Houstonians pull on their sweaters and reach for umbrellas.  

Even so, it's still a good idea to get a feel for what to expect when you're planning your trip as those major temperature fluctuations are almost always temporary. This month-by-month guide will help you find out how hot it will likely be, how rainy it might get, and how much sunscreen you should pack when planning a visit to Houston — so you can enjoy your trip in comfort. 

Annual Averages

High temperature: 78.3°F
Low temperature: 59.8°F
Annual rainfall: 45.28 inches
Days per year with rainfall: 106
Hours of sunshine: 2,633

January Averages

High temperature: 62°F
Low temperature: 44°F
Rainfall: 3.7 inches
Days with rainfall: 10
Hours of sunshine: 144

February Averages

High temperature: 65°F
Low temperature: 46°F
Rainfall: 3.23 inches
Days with rainfall: 10
Hours of sunshine: 141

March Averages

High temperature: 72°F
Low temperature: 54°F
Rainfall: 2.4 inches
Days with rainfall: 9
Hours of sunshine: 193

April Averages

High temperature: 78°F
Low temperature: 60°F
Rainfall: 3.43 inches
Days with rainfall: 8
Hours of sunshine: 212

May Averages

High temperature: 84°F
Low temperature: 66°F
Rainfall: 4.45 inches
Days with rainfall: 8
Hours of sunshine: 266

June Averages

High temperature: 90°F
Low temperature: 72°F
Rainfall: 3.82 inches
Days with rainfall: 8
Hours of sunshine: 298

July Averages

High temperature: 92°F
Low temperature: 74°F
Rainfall: 5.16 inches
Days with rainfall: 10
Hours of sunshine: 294

August Averages

High temperature: 93°F
Low temperature: 74°F
Rainfall: 3.54 inches
Days with rainfall: 9
Hours of sunshine: 281

September Averages

High temperature: 88°F
Low temperature: 70°F
Rainfall: 3.82 inches
Days with rainfall: 9
Hours of sunshine: 238

October Averages

High temperature: 81°F
Low temperature: 61°F
Rainfall: 3.58 inches
Days with rainfall: 7
Hours of sunshine: 239

November Averages

High temperature: 71°F
Low temperature: 52°F
Rainfall: 4.06 inches
Days with rainfall: 8
Hours of sunshine: 181

December Averages

High temperature: 63°F
Low temperature: 45°F
Rainfall: 4.09 inches
Days with rainfall: 10
Hours of sunshine: 146

These data come from U.S. Climate Data and are general guidelines to better inform your trip. Because temperatures can vary so widely on any given day — let alone an entire month — it's still a good idea to check a local weather forecast closer to your departure date (just in case) to help you decide whether those rain boots should stay or come along. 

Robyn Correll contributed to this report.