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Houston Unemployment Rate

In January of 2010, the Texas Workforce Commission showed that Houston's unemployment rate in the Houston, Sugar Land and Baytown areas reached 8.8 percent. Though it was lower than the national average (9.7), by Houston's measure it was an increase of 0.8 percent from the preceding December, as well as an increase of two full percent points from the preceding January (up from 6.8 percent).

If you happen to fall in the unemployment cohort (or if you just happen to hate your current job and are looking for a change), hope is not lost. There are numerous resources on the web at your disposal to help you find a job.

Finding Houston Jobs

Houston Jobs: This organization has been around since 1998. Their site allows you to search job postings within the greater Houston area by categories with listings for everything from Accounts Payable to Welder. You will have to register to gain access to said postings but there will not be a fee for doing so. You are also allowed to upload your resume at the site as well.

Jobing: This site allows you to search job postings within the greater Houston areas by categories. Gulf Coast, Colonial Oaks and Orkin are among the many employers with job postings on the site. In addition to traditional job search resources (uploading resume, etc), they also feature employment videos and community blogs with job hunting tips.

Houston Chronicle Job Listings: The Houston Chronicle site hosts a listing of jobs available that works in conjunction with Yahoo! Hot Jobs. You can register to upload your resume, as well as access tools such as the tips and suggestions for resume building, salary schedules, networking, interviewing and more. In addition to that, you will also have immediate access to information regarding the Chronicle's periodic job fairs.

City of Houston Jobs: To access jobs offered and available within the City of Houston network, you will have to register with their site. Once you've registered, you are able to apply a single online application to multiple jobs. You will be able to gain information regarding compensation, employee benefits and salary administration in addition to being able to search various job opportunities and check on the status of a submitted application.

Finding Jobs on Houston Craiglist: Though a tad more archaic and helter skelter than the aforementioned sites, the classifieds section of Craigslist can turn up fruitful opportunities if you're willing to wade through a few nonsensical postings. Job listings are broken down by categories, though you are allowed to search the entire job listing database at once should you desire. Craigslist does not offer any supplemental job hunting benefits, such as resume uploading or community boards.

Indeed Jobs in Houston: is a job listing site whose primary draws appears to be that you can sort opportunities by salary range easily, as well as have immediate access to a busy forum. They too offer Houston job listings that are separated by category or industry, as well as area of town, though it is a bit more cumbersome in its presentation.

411 Houston Jobs: is a free-to-use job search site most appropriately compared to or Craigslist. It's not as well laid out or professional looking as, say, Career Builder, but it does occasionally post positions that are not uploaded to places like the Houston Chronicle Jobs site or the City of Houston Jobs site.

Harris County Job Listings: Similar to the City of Houston site, the Harris County site also offers a Job Listings section, through which you gain access to information regarding available job openings, how to fill out job applications and contact information for Harris County offices.

Simply Hired: Simply Hired is another second level job search site (places such as Career Builder and Yahoo! Hot Jobs would rate as first level) that allows you to search Houston area jobs by categories and keywords. In addition to job search information, they also present numerous statistics and information regarding Houston's economy, history, industries and more.

Houston Jobs on Career Builder: Career Builder's Houston site offers numerous jobs (typically more than 5,000 opportunities) and job hunting tools. Once you become familiar with it, the site is well put together and easy to navigate. A cutesy little trick the website offers is the option to take a quiz that will tell you which careers you are mostly likely to enjoy. You are also able to search jobs based on keywords, which helps weed out those Strippers Needed postings from the Human Resources positions fairly thoroughly.

Another resources when looking for Houston jobs is the oft disregarded Employment Guide. See their site here.

To see how to file for unemployment in Houston, you can access the Texas Workforce Commission's site here.

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