12 of the Hottest Clubs, Bars and Beach Shacks in Goa

Where to Party in Goa

Party in Goa
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Heading to Goa and wondering where to party? Most of the action takes place in north Goa. Baga beach is well known for its commercial nightlife on Tito's Lane (especially the infamous Club Tito and Cafe Mambo).  However, venture further afield and you'll find some of the hottest clubs, beach shacks, and bars in Goa.  Do note that some places are only really happening on certain days when they hold a party, so do check what's happening and when.

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Hill Top

Hill Top
Courtesy of Hill Top

If you're after a classic Goa psychedelic trance party, Hill Top is where you'll find it. This iconic open-air venue has been in business since the hippie heydays of the 1970s. It has evolved from small restaurant into a mecca for psy trance that's hosted artists from around the world. A grove of neon palm trees and groovy art installations give it an appropriately trippy vibe. Parties happen every Sunday from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m., as well as on other special occasions such as New Year's Eve.  Plan to be there for the annual Hill Top Festival, happening from February 9-11, 2018.

  • Location: Vagator hill.
  • Open: October to April. Sometimes parties are held on occasion during the monsoon season as well.
  • Music: Psychedelic trance.
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Chronicle in Goa
Courtesy of Chronicle

The classy Chronicle opened in December 2013 and not surprisingly, quickly established itself as one of the coolest places in Goa. Part Italian fine-dining restaurant and part cocktail bar with a huge open-air dance floor, Chronicle is spread over five levels right by the beach. Its creative cocktail menu was crafted by a London mixologist. Parties, featuring top DJs and musicians from around the world, start at 4-5 p.m. (as do the happy hours).

  • Location: Little Vagator beach.
  • Open: November to May.
  • Music: Deep house, techno, and trance.
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Courtesy of Thalassa

This famous Greek fine-dining restaurant also throws fabulous parties every night of the week, with live dance performances and DJs. Its apt name Thalassa means "sea", and the property sure offers a breathtaking sunset view of it from its open-air cliff setting. If you are there to party, stay in one of the cute beach huts that they have.

  • Location: Little Vagator cliff.
  • Open: October to May.
  • Music:  Varied.
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Club Cubana

Club Cubana
Courtesy of Club Cubana

Club Cubana, with its hilltop location, is referred to as the "Nightclub in the Sky". This very popular commercial club has been around for more than a decade and is dominated by the swimming pool and Jacuzzi in its center. The venue accommodates thousands of people and the party goes on until dawn. It has different rooms with different genres of music. Expect to pay 2,000 rupees entry for couples and 1,500 rupees for single guys. The price includes unlimited alcoholic drinks (cheap spirits only). Ladies' Night on Wednesdays (free drinks) and Models' Night on Saturdays are two of the biggest events there.

  • Location: Arpora hills.
  • Open: October to April.
  • Music: House, hip hop, and R&B.
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Nyex Beach Club

Nyex Beach Club
Courtesy of Nyex Beach Club

Nyex Beach Club launched in early 2015 and replaces the defunct Club Paradiso. The sprawling club is spread over three levels -- an indoor club on the top floor, VIP lounge on the middle floor, and outdoor lounge deck with stage on the bottom floor.  Its cliff-side location provides an unforgettable 180 degree view of the ocean and also offers beach access.  Special events, music festivals, and sundowner parties are often held there. A destination for late-night party people, it remains open until 4 a.m. 

  • Location: Anjuna cliff.
  • Open: All year round.
  • Music: Electronic.
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Curlies and Shiva Valley

Undoubtedly Goa's most legendary beach shack, Curlies was one of the first shacks in the state. It used to be the place to be at sundown after the famous Wednesday Anjuna flea market, although it's mellowed greatly these days. The big party nights there are Mondays and Thursdays. Also check out Shiva Valley next to Curlies, which is renowned for its Tuesday trance parties starting from 5 p.m.  Want to stay in the area? The Prison Hostel dedicates itself to partying.

  • Location: Anjuna beach.
  • Open: All year round.
  • Music: Psychedelic trance and techno.
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Cavala Seaside Resort
Cavala Seaside Resort

If you'd prefer live music, Cavala is renowned for its live bands. This laid-back place has been open since 1979, and is set in a characterful heritage house with rambling garden and courtyard bar. It attracts a crowd of older foreigners, as well as Indians of all ages. There are retro nights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Friday night is the biggest party night. Go for the mouthwatering Goan seafood too.

  • Location: Baga.
  • Open: All year round.
  • Music: Jazz, blues, retro, rock and roll.
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Sunset Ashram

Sunset Ashram
Sunset Ashram

Inspired by Sunset Ashram restaurant and bar in Ibiza, this lesser-known exclusive 30,000 square foot beach club undergoes a stunning metamorphosis after sundown.  Cool parties are held Friday to Sunday. The Sunday Sunset Sessions are a highlight, starting at 1 p.m. Head there to get away from the Goa crowd!

  • Location: Ashwem beach.
  • Open: December to March.
  • Music: Underground sounds, techno, and deep house.
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Cape Town Cafe

Cape Town Cafe
Courtesy of Cape Town Cafe

The pick of the many places to party on Tito's Lane, Cape Town Cafe opened in 2009, and has the same owners as Club Tito and Cocktails & Dreams. A hip place to hang out, it attracts a predominantly Indian crowd. The focus is on good food and fun, and there are happy hours until midnight. Football fans, note that there are large LCD screens for matches.  An entry fee is charged on weekends and single guys are not allowed.

  • Location: Baga
  • Open: October to May.
  • Music: Commercial. 
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LPK Waterfront

LPK Waterfront
Courtesy of LPK Waterfront

Unique wedding venue LPK Waterfront is home to "India's first super club" -- Club LPK (Love, Passion, Karma). Set on the banks of the Nerul river and surrounded by two lakes, its unusual architecture is quite astounding. The venue has been made almost entirely of mud and stone, and has a cavernous dance floor. Add to this, terracotta statues and a 400 year old Portuguese church in the background.  A strict entry policy ensures a decent and classy crowd. It's comprised mostly of Indians. Expect to pay 1,500-3,000 rupees entry for couples, with drinks included. Single guys are not encouraged. The party really gets going after midnight.

  • Location: Inland Candolim.
  • Open: All year round.
  • Music: House, Bollywood and commercial.
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Sinq Beach Club
Courtesy of Sinq Beach Club

A one-stop party destination, SinQ consists of a party resort with 20 suites, and a beach club with expansive indoor and outdoor areas for night and day partying. It has a capacity of around 4,000 guests. Facilities include a state-of-the-art nightclub, swimming pool with lounges and bar, and a tavern. Notably the resort's suites have sound systems with live feeds from the DJ consoles! This is another club that caters to a mostly Indian crowd.

  • Location: Candolim.
  • Open: All year round. 
  • Music: Mostly commercial, including some Bollywood club nights.
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Leopard Valley

Leopard Valley
Courtesy of Leopard Valley

If you do want to party in south Goa, Leopard Valley is a huge outdoor venue for up to 3,000 people, located in a jungle quarry between Palolem and Agonda beaches. It's a futuristic place, with lasers, pyrotechnics and costume-clad dancers. It's also the only major club in south Goa, so the events really popular. There are even daytime pool parties!

  • Location: Palolem-Agonda Road.
  • Open: October to April.
  • Music: Psychedelic trance.