You've Got 48 Hours to Bring the Drama and Win A "Reality TV" Vacation

Who says being dramatic doesn’t pay?

Casa Mara

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Think your friend group has got more drama than Broadway and Bravo combined? is giving your group the chance to prove just how hot the tea really is with a three-night, $50,000 vacation in Palm Desert, California, over Labor Day Weekend.

Once you arrive, your LDW (to henceforth be known as Love the Drama Weekend) will begin as you settle into a luxurious one-acre, 6,000-square-foot vacation rental. Like your drama, the house amenities go big, with a lazy river lagoon pool with a slide, island, bridge, and hot tub, plus a mini mini-golf course, fire pit, hammocks, and grassy area for picnics and games—and more.

Pass the time with volleyball, ping pong, outdoor barbecues, workouts in the gym, and drinks at the bar—but don’t forget to air any grievances in the house confessional booth. During your stay, take turns spilling group secrets, giving props, announcing any crushes, or just ruffling feathers.

Don’t worry, in true reality TV fashion, everyone will get an edited copy of the weekend shenanigans and secret-spilling so you can finally see if you and your friends have what it takes to be reality stars.

And, not to stir the pot, but we’ve waited to spill the news until the last minute—you’ve only got until August 18 12 p.m. CT—less than 48 hours—to screenshot your group texts and harness the drama you need to submit your application. (So far, they've already had about 40 groups of friends apply.)

Winners will be notified on Aug. 20, 2021, and you’ll have to be packed and ready to go for your trip just two weeks later, from Sept 3-6. The house sleeps up to nine, but you’ll have to cap your group at just four to six (we can feel the drama brewing already). All winners will get a $1,000 stipend to spend on things like airfare, bubbly, bikinis, or whatever you decide.

To read the details and to submit your group for the casting call, check out the official Destination Drama page