Suffering from Election Burnout? You Can Now Book a Stay Under a Rock

This is not actually a joke under a rock

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Election years are always stressful, perhaps doubly so in 2020, given the state of the world. We wouldn't blame you at all if you simply want to get away from it all and live under a rock. Apparently, is also a fan of that plan. The booking platform has just announced a promotional deal for a five-night stay under a literal rock in Farmington, New Mexico, from Nov. 2-7, 2020, effectively shielding you from Election Week.

"Political fatigue is real regardless of the year or election," Josh Belkin, vice president of global brand at said in a statement. "We're transforming an age-old idiom into a bookable experience, so individuals can relax, recharge, and recover... because who knows what else 2020 has in store for us."

Now, this is a fully-furnished under-the-rock vacation home, not some desolate hole in the ground! It's actually a manmade cave outfitted with electricity, plumbing, and comfy furniture. The only problem is that there is actually WiFi here, but we think it might be best to ignore that entirely to fully experience life under a rock.

The stay will cost just $5 a night in a nod to good old Abe Lincoln, meaning your entire visit will total $25 plus taxes and fees. Not a bad deal!

If you're interested in booking, you'll want to head here on Friday, October 9, at 9 a.m. Eastern time—the first person to click "book" will be the lucky winner. But don't worry if your reflexes aren't the fastest: is also offering 20 percent discounts to a few hotels and resorts with "rock" in their names.

Whichever deal you end up with, just make sure you do your civic duty and cast your vote before escaping from society!

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