This New Hotel Brings Rock and Roll Back to the Sunset Strip

Hotel Ziggy honors music history and rising artists

View of a hotel lobby with a dark, industrial partition and colorful mural

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Hotel Ziggy

8462 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069-1912, USA
Phone +1 323-654-4600

Once home to legendary music institutions, the Sunset Strip is now best known for its glitz and glamour. But the brand new Hotel Ziggy aims to bring a little grit back to the Strip and remind everyone of the area’s rock and roll history.

Sandwiched between the high-end Mondrian and 1 Hotel West Hollywood, Hotel Ziggy is a complete reimagining of Grafton on Sunset, a short-lived boutique hotel on the Strip. “We created Ziggy to provoke stimulating and meaningful conversations with the intent to spark curiosity and playfully challenge perspectives,” said Jon Bortz, chief executive officer at Pebblebrook Hotels. Located near the former sites of Tower Records and the House of Blues, Hotel Ziggy was also intended to keep the legacy of Hollywood’s music history alive. 

These guiding principles are apparent throughout the hotel’s common areas, from the colorful murals scattered throughout to the collection of industry-insider legal documents and stacks of vinyl records above the hotel bar. The connection to music doesn’t stop at vinyl and memorabilia, however. Hotel Ziggy will also give up-and-coming musicians access to performance space at the lobby music venue, Backbeat, or the outdoor pool’s DJ booth. 

Guest can even make some music of their own by borrowing acoustic guitars or electric guitars and amps from the Shred Shed. Records and record players are also available to borrow, as are backpacks and Walkmans. Yes, you read that right—Walkmans.

Close up view of the top of a black building with an arch and a colorful mural. A sign reading "Hotel Ziggy" covers up some of the mural

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Conceptualized by Dawson Designs Associates (DDA), the decor of Hotel Ziggy is eclectic and unpretentious. "We kept things simple so the art could speak for itself. We stripped away all previous attempts to make this quirky building look modern. Instead, we exposed its blemishes and embraced the awkward structure for what it was—authentic," said Andrea Sheehan, founding principal and art director at DDA.

The result is a mix of modern and vintage furniture on worn area rugs, while murals and sculptures add more visual interest. The decor is more low-key in rooms, with some reminders of the musical inspiration, either through murals or wall posters. Of course, a hotel needs a dining option, and B-side Pizza sticks to the theme. The retro-inspired pizza spot is super casual and has a pick-up window if you'd like a pizza to-go.

Room rates start at $299. To book, visit Hotel Ziggy's website.

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This New Hotel Brings Rock and Roll Back to the Sunset Strip