Hotel Week offerings provide budget travel values

Hotel Week NYC kicked off in 2011 with eight participating properties. Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations launched the effort, which was designed to help New York hotels weather the traditionally slow post-Holiday season in January. The popularity of this concept spread to other cities, where varying degrees of success have been achieved.

What's in it for budget travelers? Fixed low prices on a number of properties they might not be able to afford comfortably the remainder of the year.

Although terms and conditions vary, these Hotel Week offers generally apply only to room rates. You will pay extra for room taxes and any other services. Be sure to read all the restrictions carefully prior to booking.

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Hotel Week NYC

The southern tip of Manhattan boasts an iconic skyline.
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The "hotel week" name is somewhat misleading. The period actually runs 10 days (Jan. 6–15 in 2017).

Nightly room rates are either $100 or $200. To someone unfamiliar with New York hotels, those numbers might not sound all that enticing. But in a place where a rather ordinary room can run $500/night, it's well worth shopping those offers.

At the $100/night level, for example, is the Wolcott Hotel, three blocks from the Empire State Building. Despite its reputation as a great value, a room here at other times of the year can cost about twice the Hotel Week room rate.

The potential dollar savings increase as you move up to a higher price point.

One recent year, the stylish Marmara Park Avenue was featured at a $300/night rate. It was $250/night less than you would have paid for the same room at other times of the year. For many of us, that might be the difference between enjoying a night here and settling for something less luxurious. Because the discounts operate at three price points, travelers at a variety of income levels can participate. 

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Hotel Week LA

The Hollywood sign is one of the most famous signs in the world.
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Hotel Week LA debuted with 16 properties at the $200/night and $300/night price points.

At the $200 level, a room at Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica was listed at a standard rate of $264/night during the Hotel Week period.

At the $300 level, a room at The London West Hollywood is typically $350/night.

Aside from these large cities, what could Hotel Week look like in a small resort city? Click next and find out about how it works in an east coast town that is known for its beaches.

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Hotel Week in Ocean City, Md.

Ocean City, Maryland is a popular beach destination.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Ocean City offers its Hotel Week at the end of the summer season, typically in late August and early September, with Labor Day excluded.

According to, the concept for hotels grew out of successful Restaurant Week offerings, in which eateries offer certain menu items at large discounts in hopes of attracting a larger pool of regular customers.

As Hotel Week approaches in Ocean City, offers appear on that web page. Book your best deal.

In addition to the hotel offers, free events are offered during this time, including a laser show and a movie night on the beach.

A city in the heart of the Midwest has adopted Hotel Week, too. Click "next" to see how it works in America's Dairyland.

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Hotel Week in Madison, Wis.

Madison is the state capital of Wisconsin.
Greater Madison Convention and Visitors Bureau

Madison Hotel Week, in Wisconsin's picturesque capital city, operates at two nightly price points: $75 and $100.

Remember that these promotions sometimes seek to fill rooms at challenging times of year for hotel marketers. Let's be honest: a visit to Madison during the heart of winter might not thrill too many budget travelers.

But remember that this city (and most of the upper Midwest) actually embraces the frigid temperatures and snow. For example, Chicago Magazine included Madison in an article headlined 4 Road Trips That Will Make You Glad It's Winter.

In a recent year, 16 properties agreed to participate in Hotel Week, including a downtown hotel, several chain selections and a Bed and Breakfast operation.

Looking for more? Click "next" and return to the east coast for another Hotel Week option.

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Hotel Week Boston

Boston offers a host of city parks and historic sites.
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Hotel Week Boston came to life after some local hospitality experts witnessed the success of similar efforts in other cities.

Elizabeth Stefan and Kim Greiner of Summer Street Communications chose February school vacation time for their Hotel Week, reaching out not only to out-of-towners but also locals who want to stay in their city's hotels at an affordable price. 

The discount advertised is at least 30 percent off the best available rate for the participating hotels. This time period also has included access to offers such as two-for-one admission at Zoo New England and the ICA/Boston, and discounted tickets at Disney on Ice and the Jose Mateo Ballet.

Check the Hotel Week Boston Facebook page for updates about the next year's events.

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