Hotel Tekuani Kal - Kid Friendly Hotel in Playa El Tunco, El Salvador

Marina K. Villatoro

If you have ever been to the tiny Central American country of El Salvador or if you heard of it you probably know about Playa El Tunco. This black sanded beach is located in La Libertad department and is very famous for offering amazing surf breaks as well as people offering surf lessons for all ages and equipment. The area is so famous that there are a few tournaments (some international) that take place in its waters. The coastline and town are packed with restaurants, bars, hotels and surf shops.

Naturally, this was one of the main places I wanted to visit for our trip to El Salvador, along with the cute colonial town called Suchitoto in the central region of the country.

After looking at the websites of tons and tons of hotels that can be found here I ended up choosing Hotel Tekuani Kal.

Staying at Hotel Tekuani Kal

There were many reasons why I chose it for my family. First, Hotel Tekuani Kal is a tiny beachfront hotel in Playa El Tunco with only six rooms (this was the main reason). I am a big fan of small hotels because the service tends to be more personalized and you never get the crowded feeling.

The second reason why I decided to stay in it is the fact that it is just steps away from the black sanded beach which allows great views.

My third reason has everything to do with the fact that my boys both love the water, swimming and splashing around. Hotel Tekuani Kal has two swimming pools where they spent most of the time we were at the hotel. One of them has great views and the other one a small waterfall that can be very relaxing.

On the other hand I preferred to sit back, relax and enjoy some relaxation, in this case, with gorgeous views of the coast line while they had their fun at the pool. We were all able to have fun and relax in this area of the hotel. 

I also really liked the room that they gave us. It was beautiful! It wasn’t a large room but it had enough space for us to be comfortable in it.

You will also find a restaurant within the hotel grounds. Their menu includes tons of local dishes which have a Caribbean style as well as international options. Then there is a temascal, which is some sort of old-school Mayan sauna.   

Its location is also great. The hotel is a short walk away from the town but far enough so you don’t hear any noise. It also has the right distance from the beach so you don’t get noise from there either.

In conclusion this was a perfect hotel for our family vacation. But I do have to say that it is best if you come here if you have older kids because there are stairs everywhere, making it complicated for the smaller ones to move around safely. It is also a great option for those that want to do some surfing in the beaches of El Salvador.

Contact Information About Hotel Tekuani Kal

Phone: 2355 6500
Facebook: Hotel Tekuani Kal

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