Hotel Capilla del Mar: Luxury on Cartagena's Jet-Set Beach

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    Hotel Capilla del Mar: On the Beach and Near the City in Cartagena, Colombia

    Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena
    ©Hotel Capilla del Mar

    Hotel Capilla del Mar: Oceanfront Luxury in Cartagena's Highrise Hub

    Cartagena, Colombia has regained the glamorous appeal it had in the jet-set era. A new generation of luxury travelers is discovering Cartagena -- a short nonstop flight from much of the U.S.
    • Cartagena is both a beach destination and a historic destination. Its Old City, founded in 1533, is a dazzling UNESCO World Heritage Site

    Have-It-All Location of Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena

    Located in the lively Bocagrande district just 15 minutes south from the historic colonial center of Cartagena, Hotel Capilla del Mar is well situated for the discerning traveler:
    • It offers immediate urban access to wide variety of retail, leisure and entertainment on adjacent city avenues, along with beach front activities just steps away
    • The hotel affords an ideal location for guests seeking contemporary ambiance and entertainment options – and all the cultural legacy of historic Cartagena still close by
    • With 22 stories soaring above the Caribbean, guests enjoy vistas of the sea and city

    Hotel Capilla del Mar's Vibrant Beachfront Setting

    The hotel's oceanfront location on the Caribbean side of Bocagrande district gives guests the best of beach and city.
    • Bocagrande that are home to a wide array of world-class shopping minutes from the hotel, covering elite international fashion brands and local artwork
    • Bocagrande offter top-notch Colombian and international restaurants plus nightclubs presenting Latin American and international performers
    • Festival travelers are drawn to Bocagrande's (and Cartagena's)well-established annual calendar of festivals in music, film, and other arts

    Hotel Capilla del Mar: Forward-Looking with a Tradition of Excellence

    The hotel came to prominence the 1970's under the name of King's Hotel. During those years, the hotel hosted a well-promoted stay by the King and Queen of Spain, which helped Cartagena's oceanfront Bocagrande district boom. 

    Today, Hotel Capilla del Mar remains a landmark in a Cartagena neighborhood filled with skyscrapers and nonstop activity.

    The fact that the hotel has maintained its first-class standards into the present makes it a star of luxury travel. Ongoing upgrades cover the hotel's public areas, guest rooms, and recreation. 
    • Over 80% of TripAdvisor reviews of the hotel are Excellent or Very Good

    Green Commitment of Hotel Capilla del Mar

    For the past two years, Capilla del Mar has operated as a “sustainable tourism hotel,” a
    distinction that derives from its involvement with local communities.
    • Some examples: buying only from local fishermen, supporting local beekeepers by using their honey; also buying herbs grown regionally by low-income families – all of which empowers these striving sectors

    Capilla del Mar's Cartagena Connection

    Ideally set between shore and city life, Capilla del Mar allows guests to easily access both contemporary and colonial dimensions of the wider Cartagena.

    Access all the waterfront relaxation and other moments exploring the world-class avenues and galleries of boutiques and fine dining that line the major arteries of this Bocagrande district.

    Minutes away in central Cartagena, you can explore and spend time in the art galleries, museums, historic architectures and landmarks of colonial Cartagena. Capilla del Mar can arrange taxi transport and city touring suggestions at their main lobby guest services desk.

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    Rooms and Suites at Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena, Colombia

    Hotel Capilla del Mar Cartagena lobby
    ©Hotel Capilla del Mar

    Hotel Capilla del Mar's Style: Sunny Tropical Elegance

    Capilla del Mar's style is subtle, with clean geometric lines and light tropical motifs. The color palette of nautical blues echo the natural beauty of Cartagena, a Caribbean oasis.

    Guest Quarters: Design and Amenities for Every Accommodation Need

    Hotel Capilla del Mar offers 203 guest rooms. They fall into four categories designed with a variety of guests, from couples to families to business travelers
    • Room levels include Superior rooms, Junior Suites, Special Suites and Special Rooms.

    Get a Suite at Hotel Capilla de Mar

    I recommend a suite at Capilla del Mar, with enhanced in-room amenities and round-the-clock guest services.
    • Suites' living rooms have a wide balcony that capture two distinct panoramas: a skyscraper-lined shoreline on one side and Cartagena's historic city walls on the other
    • Suites offer entertainment options, plentiful closet nd drawer space,
    • Their color scheme is luxuriant with aquamarine, emerald green and wood tones

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    Distinctive Dining and Drinking Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena, Colombia

    Hotel Capilla del Mar Cartagena room
    ©Hotel Capilla del Mar

    Cuisine at Hotel Capilla del Mar: Authentic Colombian and International Too

    Capilla del Mar's restaurants are finely suited to discriminating tastes on the road. Guests can choose regional specialties of Colombia or indulge in favorite dishes from Europe or Asia. No matter where you dine in the hotel, your meal will prepared with skill and imagination and presented with professionalism.
    • An overview of dining at Hotel Capilla del Mar

    A Buffet to Remember at Hotel Capilla del Mar

    Del Buffet Restaurant is the place to go when you want to experience a variety of tastes.
    • It offers indoor or open-air dining, and intimate or social tables
    • Its panoramic views are glorious by daylight or evening
    • Del Buffet's gastronomy covers the flavors of Colombia, the Caribbean coast, and international classics as well – from Mexican chiles to Italian pastas to Moroccan couscous

    Where to Relax with a Casual Meal and Drink at Hotel Capilla del Mar

    San Marino Restaurant Sports Bar offers a relaxed experience that focuses on fresh seafood in a beachside atmosphere. 
    • Connoisseurs of Caribbean sunsets are happy here 

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    Beach and Pool at Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena, Colombia

    Pool at Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena
    ©Hotel Capilla del Mar


    Beach and Beyond from Hotel Capilla del Mar

    Just yards from the hotel, guests can relax at the ocean's edge in sublime comfort or swim in the turquoise Caribbean waters of Viejo Beach.

    First-class facilities include beach loungers and umbrellas, wi-fi, and bar service – all priced according to guest plan.

    The hotel offers beachgoers fine bites and drinks. You can select from drinks, ceviches, fresh seafood, and Colombian dis

    Rooftop-High Swimming Pool and Bar

    Capilla del Mar's stunning rooftop oasis, the Solarium swimming pool overlooks Cartagena and its Caribbean hore. It's a view that guests cannot get enough of. And after a swim, it's a pleasure to refresh at the onsite bar 
    • Poolside suntanning chairs and fresh towels are supplied by the attentive staff

    The Fitness Center & Spa

    At Capilla del Mar's excellently equipped fitness center and spa, guests take advantage of all the cardio and toning equipment for your travel workout and the menu of spa services for rejuvenation.

    The fitness options: take advantage of either treadmill, spinning, elliptical, toning and cardio zones.

    Relax and rejuvenate with facials, body treatments, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, chocotherapy (yes) and other treatments on hand.  

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    Connect with Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena, Colombia

    Lobby of Hotel Capilla del Mar in Cartagena, Colombia
    ©Hal Peat

    Hotel Capilla del Mar's Preferred Hotels & Resorts Status

    Seasoned luxury travelers will welcome Hotel Capilla del Mar's affiliation with the high-end
    Preferred Hotels & Resorts brand of excellence. This globally recognized hotel association denotes style, service and premier amenities from its member properties .
    • Hote Capilla del Mar's page on Preferred Hotels' site

    Learn More about Hotel Capilla del Mar

    • Hotel website and rate info
    • On Facebook
    • Reservation by phone: (57+5)650.1500
    • Reservations by email
    • Capilla del Mar's sister hotel on another Cartagena beach, Hotel Las Americas Torre del Mar