The Best Hostels in Germany

For budget-conscious travelers, hostels in Germany are a great alternative to hotels. Staying in a German hostel doesn’t mean you have to share a room with strangers or cook up your meal in a community kitchen. Besides dormitories, many hostels in Germany offer double or single rooms for rock bottom prices, and they also deliver when it comes to cleanliness, atmosphere, and extras like TV's, restaurants, or organized walking tours.

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The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin
Linda Garrison

Besides very affordable rates and great service, Berlin is home to some of the most unique and original hostels in all of Germany. From a hostel boat on a river, and individually designed rooms, to rental apartments, rooftop terraces, and airport pick-ups, Berlin hostels have it all.

For example, consider Circus Hotel in Mitte (center of the city). They offer dorms and single rooms as well as two quiet and airy rooftop apartments. Another plus is the Circus' top-notch service, with airport pick-ups, bike, car and Segway rentals, and organized walking tours.

If you're willing to step it up just a bit, there are also many excellent low-budget options within our list of coolest accommodations in Berlin.

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Wide angle view over the rooftops of Munich
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Looking for a place to stay in Munich that won't break the bank? Munich's hostels, which are located close to Munich's Old Town or Oktoberfest, are a great option for frugal travelers; besides the usual dorms, all of our recommended Munich hostels feature single rooms with private bathrooms.

If you want to stay in a hostel during Oktoberfest, make sure to book your room well in advance and be prepared for slightly higher rates. Try our article on Last-Minute Accommodations to work something out during the festival.

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People mill about at the Museum Embankment Festival in Frankfurt
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Frankfurt is home to many business hotels, but the city also offers plenty of good hostels for travelers on a shoestring, from backpackers, and single travelers, to families, and business travelers. Frankfurt hostels feature dorms, double, and single rooms, and even conference spaces.

For example, the Frankfurt Hostel has a perfect location—it's right across Frankfurt's Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof). Along with colorful dormitories, double, or single rooms there is a free breakfast buffet.

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Hamburg is famous for its luxurious shopping streets, elegant hotels, and excellent restaurants, but the city also has plenty of options for the budget-wise traveler. Hamburg's hostels feature dorms, doubles, and single rooms—and some hostels even offer a dose of luxury, like open-air bars, fireplaces, and flat screen TVs.

Check out the Superbude in Hamburg, one of the coolest accommodations in Germany.

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Cologne and Rhine River, Germany at sunset
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Cologne hostels are a great way to travel on a budget without having to sacrifice comfort—all of Cologne's listed hostels are clean and modern and feature many of the amenities a hotel would, including TVs, free Wifi, single rooms, and private bathrooms.