Hate the Hotel You Booked? This App Will Cover All Costs if You Decide to Leave

Hopper just made it easier than ever to say "I'm outta here"

Hotel Room

Klaus Vedfelt / Getty Images

Does plopping down on your hotel bed feel like your spine hitting a pile of bricks? Are someone else's leftovers sitting in your fridge? Is that waterfront view you saw on the hotel website conspicuously missing?

It may be time to turn around and find a new place to stay. The good news? One app is about to help you do just that—while covering all associated fees and costs.

Travel booking app Hopper recently announced a new feature called "Leave For Any Reason," which will let customers pay a fee to leave a hotel after check-in if the accommodations are not up to snuff. For just $30, the app will take care of any fees the hotel may charge you for deciding to leave. And you don't have to depart immediately after check-in—travelers are covered even if things go south later that day.

After leaving, guests can immediately rebook themselves into a similarly rated hotel on the Hopper app, with Hopper covering all of the rebooking costs. The ironclad coverage includes just about any reason for leaving, including cleanliness and, yes, unsatisfactory views, both of which were cited by Hopper as acceptable uses of the new feature.

In addition to the Leave For Any Reason feature, Hopper announced that its Cancel For Any Reason feature, previously only available for flights, will expand to hotels. The Cancel For Any Reason feature allows travelers to cancel bookings until check-in. Users then receive the total cost of their room back plus coverage on any cancellation fees.

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