Hong Kong's Best Tailors

Sam's Tailor
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Hong Kong has an absolute army of tailors and the city is rightly famed for being able to stitch-up top quality suits at bottom dollar prices. We've picked four of the best. We have selected those Hong Kong tailors that combine high quality, bespoke service with value for money. That doesn't mean they're cheap. Most of the picks below are not the cheapest option in Hong Kong, but they remain significantly cheaper than New York and London. 

It's worth mentioning that best in Hong Kong doesn't always mean pretty, and the top tailors listed here are as likely to be found buried down a backstreet as in a five-star hotel. But these tailors have suited and booted everyone from the President of the United States to Dukes and Field Marshalls. If this is your first time going for a fitting you might want to check out these tips for buying a suit first for an insight on what to expect and some inside tips, and you should learn how to avoid being ripped-off.

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    Punjab House

    Punjab House
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    Once the tailor of choice for Hong Kong's British colonial masters, as well as the British military that kept them in power, Punjab House has over 100 years of suit making experience. Headed up by hotshot Arshad Mahmood, as close as the tailoring industry has to a celebrity tailor, Punjab House retains a host of high profile clients on their books that have included the Jesse Jackson and the Duke of Kent. Punjab House does tours of Europe and the US and also have a partnership with Apsley Tailors in London.

    Where: Flat C, 5/F, Golden Crown Court, 66-70 Nathan Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui

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    Jim's Tailor Workshop

    Jim's Tailor Workshop
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    While it may not attract the glossy magazine spreads and celebrity splashes of some of its competitors, Jim's remains a favorite for many of Hong Kong's most influential families. The suits are faultless and the service is fuss free. You'll find staff at Jim's aren't constantly trying to upsell you more shirts or better fabric, and if you are a beginner to the world of suits then this place is a good bet.

    Where: Shop 37-38, 1/F, Admiralty Centre, 18 Harcourt Centre, Admiralty

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    Raja Fashions

    Measuring at Raja Fashions
    ••• Measuring at Raja Fashions. Courtesy of Raja Fashions

    Perhaps Hong Kong's most famous tailor. It's hard to flip open a newspaper here without seeing Raja beaming back boasting about top quality suits at cut down prices. There is substance to his claims. Raja's quality tailoring has delivered a raft of regular customers from the Canadian Rockies to the Australian outback and everywhere in between. Prices are generally more competitive than his rivals, and if you're looking to stuff your wardrobe with smart suits there is a constant roll of excellent multi-buy offers available.

    Where: 30-32 Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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    Sam the Tailor a.k.a Sams

    Sam's Tailor
    ••• Courtesy of Sam's Tailor

    Another of Hong Kong's celebrity tailors, Sam's gets a mixed report card. Lauded by Time as the best tailor in Asia and tapped-up by celebrities from Bill Clinton to Pavarotti to turn out their suits, Sam's can undoubtedly sow together a first-class ensemble. Reports of high-handed treatment if you weren't a mover and shaker also seem to have died down, to be replaced with a steady stream of applause for the fantastic service and low-pressure atmosphere.

    Where: 94 Nathan Road, Burlington Arcade, Tsim Sha Tsui.

A few words of warning when dealing with tailors in Hong Kong. The eye catching headline price advertised probably won't be the price you pay. You can claim the deals but expect to get a poor quality suit made from poor quality offcuts - instead use the headline price as your point of negotiation for the suit you want. Bartering is a Hong Kong passion.