Hong Kong Zoo and Biological Gardens Review

Pedestrians stroll along a pathway at Hong Kong' s Zoological and Botanical Gardens, which include fountains, sculptures, greenhouses, aviaries, a zoo and a playground
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Hong Kong Zoo is, quite frankly, small and largely unimpressive. While there are a handful of blockbuster animals such as primates and alligators, most of the crowd pleasers are missing; there are no lions, elephants or giraffes. If you’re prepared for the lack of animals, the park grounds are attractive enough and can make for a very decent half-day out. If not, head to Ocean Park.


  • Very Good Botanical Gardens
  • Central Location


  • Poor Selection of Animals
  • Small Size


  • Address: Robinson Road, Central
  • Price: Free
  • Nearest MTR: Central
  • Open: 6 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Guide Review - Hong Kong Zoo

Hong Kong Zoo and Biological Gardens have a history dating back to the 1870’s making it one of the oldest public zoos in the world.

Despite the name, visitors should look at a visit here as a visit to a park rather than the zoo. The grounds are set in limited space meaning there is very little room for large mammals. The majority of the animals on display are actually birds, although you will find alligators, orangutans, and pythons. Entrance is free.

The zoo actually plays second fiddle to the collection at Ocean Park theme park, which not only has a formidable selection of sea life but also Hong Kong’s pair of pandas. Ocean Park is expensive and still not quite a fully fledged zoo, but the line-up of creatures is much better if you’ve got kids to impress.

The best thing about Hong Kong Zoo is actually the beautiful botanical gardens. Split into several separate themed sections, such as Bamboo Garden, Magnolia Garden, and Palm Garden, between them they feature over a 1000 species of plants and trees with a special emphasis on regional Asian examples.