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Hong Kong's Temperature, Rainfall and Special Events Throughout the Year

Hong Kong Weather by Month

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Want to know whether to bring your umbrella or your Hawaiian shirt before you visit Hong Kong? Plan your visit to the city that never sleeps, but often sweats - our monthly guide has a blow-by-blow account of what to expect from weather in Hong Kong for each month.

You'll find average temperatures, average rainfalls, and advice on what to expect, weather-wise. We've also got tips on how to deal with the infamous Hong Kong humidity!

If you're still not sure when exactly you want to visit, but want to get a general idea of what's to expect in each season try instead our Season by Season Guide to Hong Kong Weather.

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January Weather: Cold Start to the Year

Relax at a countryside hilltop in a mild winter season, Hong Kong
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Weather in Hong Kong in January is somewhat chilly; this is the city’s coldest month. However, while the locals may be wrapped up like Siberian snowmen, the city’s average January temperature is a relatively mild 15°C (59°F) degrees.

The best news is that January has, aside from December, the least amount of rain, with an average of just 33m. Even better, drops from the sky fall on an average of just four days.

January is one of the few months Hong Kong is rain free and, more importantly, humidity free. Although the temperatures are a little low, it’s a good month to explore the Hong Kong outdoors. Late January is usually Chinese New Year time when the city enters carnival mode.

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February Weather: Explore the Great Outdoors

Hong Kong Chinese new year fireworks 2016
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Weather in Hong Kong in February is, like January, cool as a cucumber. However, unless you live in sub-Saharan Africa, the temperatures can hardly be described as wintery.

The average temperature for February in Hong Kong is 15°C (59°F) degrees. The temperature rarely dips below 13°C, and anything below 10°C is considered a serious cold snap. You won’t see snow or frost in Hong Kong, although the city does a good Christmas.

Hong Kongers use the fresh temperatures and lack of humidity to hit the outdoors. The average rainfall is just 46mm over an average five days, making it a good time to hit the great outdoors.

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March Weather: Spring has Sprung

Hong Kong Park
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Weather in Hong Kong in March is already starting to skip into Spring. The average temperature for March in Hong Kong is a light sweater wearing 18°C (64°F) degrees. The temperature will rarely dip below 15°C.

March is also the last month of the year when you can venture outdoors and onto Hong Kong's beaches without humidity soaking your shirt. From April onwards, the humidity level quickly increases.

Precipitation isn’t as favorable as the winter months, with nearly double that of January and February, but with an average rainfall of 74mm over an average 7 days, it’s still less than half that of the summer months.

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April Weather: Humidity Rising

Elevated View of Skyscrapers in Hong Kong
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Weather in Hong Kong in April is mainly sunny with relatively low humidity, making the month one of the best to visit the city. The average temperature for April in Hong Kong is a warming, but not suffocating 22°C (72°F).

April's humidity levels remain bearable, although at the end of the month you can expect them to start hitting the high numbers when it becomes hard to enjoy being outdoors in the city. April is probably the month that best combines pleasant temperatures with equally pleasant humidity.

Unfortunately, it's not all good news, April also brings rain, with precipitation reaching 137mm. Luckily this is spread over an average of just eight days.

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May Weather: Hot Under the Collar

Hong Kong, China. Hennessy Road, Causeway Bay.
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Weather in Hong Kong in May is far from ideal, but it’s by no means the worst time to pencil in a visit to the city. The average temperature for May in Hong Kong is a hot under the collar, although not unpleasant 25°C (77°F).

The temperature may seem like outdoor weather, but unfortunately. May in Hong Kong is when the city’s humidity really starts to crank up and, while it’s ideal beach weather, the humidity can be tough on those who want to do a lot of walking on the city streets.

Rain can also be a major problem in May. Precipitation averages 292mm and, with an average of 13 days of wet weather, up to half the month can be damp. May also marks the start of the Typhoon season, and although typhoons don’t usually show up until later in the summer, a May typhoon can play havoc with your holiday.

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June Weather: Worst Month to Visit

Kowloon, Shanghai street
Maremagnum/Getty Images

Summer is not the time for a trip to Hong Kong and June is arguably the worst month. The good news comes in the average temperature, which clocks in at a balmy 28°C (82°F).

Unfortunately, the Hong Kong humidity in June is oppressive and it’s tough to undertake any amount of physical exercise outside without sweating buckets. The only way to see the city is to take a leisurely stroll, dodge into the air-conditioned public transport from time to time and avoid all hills.

Worse news comes from the skies, which tend to unload a waterfall of rain on Hong Kong in June. Average precipitation is a soaking 394mm, which adds up to an average of 18 days of rain through the month.

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July Weather: Wet and Wild

Hong Kong City Skyline
Oliver Smalley / Ollie Smalley Photography/Getty Images

An average temperature of 29°C (84°F) means you’ll need a full suitcase of T-Shirts, shorts. and sun cream, as well as an industrial-sized crate of deodorant—expect to sweat.

Those type of temperatures might mean it’s time to hit the great outdoors in the US and Europe, but in Hong Kong, they’re accompanied by a ruthless humidity that makes walking on the street feel like walking headlong into a hairdryer. It’s very difficult to take part in any physical exercise, including long periods of walking, without feeling very uncomfortable.

The rain in July is not quite as bad as June, but it’s still not good news. Precipitation averages 381mm, making for around 17 wet days through July. Typhoon season extends throughout July and Hong Kong is usually affected at least a couple of times a year.

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August Weather: Typhoons for Tourists

Foggy day in Hong Kong
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August in Hong Kong marks the slow improvement of the city’s weather after the downpours, thunderstorms, and humidity of the summer. The average temperature in August remains high at 29°C (84°F).

Humidity remains incredibly high in August and any outdoor exercise, including walking, will result in your shirt being turned into a dishcloth as your body finds new places to sweat from. This is not an enjoyable time to explore the city’s outdoors, although air-conditioned public transport does help.

The summer rains are finally and slowly on the retreat, with August in Hong Kong seeing an average of 367mm of rain and just 15 days of wet weather. August is in the middle of the typhoon season and Hong Kong is usually affected a couple of times a year.

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September Weather: End of Summer

Aerial image of Central financial district
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September in Hong Kong is one of the better months to visit the city and by far the best of the summer months to arrive, with less humidity and rain to ruin your holiday.

The September average temperature is a steamy 27°C (81°F) and you’ll want to smear on the sun cream, before stepping into the sunshine.

Humidity in Hong Kong has eased off by September, especially by mid-month, and while it remains sticky it’s no longer unpleasant to explore the city’s streets.

The best news about September comes from the heavens with an almost 30% reduction in the amount of rain from the month before. With an average of 257mm of rain over an average of 12 days, most days should see clear skies. 

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October Weather: Golden Week

Fireworks over Victoria harbour
Rapisan Sawangphon/EyeEm/Getty Images

October in Hong Kong sees the city at its best, with clear skies, low humidity and near-constant sunshine. The weather at this time of the year is perfect for hitting the hiking trails and beaches.

The October average temperature is a summery 27°C (80°F); the intense sunlight means that sun protection is absolutely necessary if you’re going out (and mosquito repellent as well, if you’re hitting the trails).

Precipitation begins to drop in October, averaging about 100mm – the sunny days make October an ideal time to celebrate holidays like Hong Kong’s National Day (and the Golden Week accompanying it).

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November Weather: Autumn Rising

Beijing Opera mask painted bottles, Wine and Dine Festival in Hong Kong
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 The good weather continues in November, carrying over from October and the Golden Week. With the end of the typhoon season, sunny skies and low humidity all around, Hong Kong enjoys the second month of its peak season.

This is the autumn season, an ideal time to explore the outdoors without fear of getting rained out or feeling sticky in the humidity. Enjoy the average temperature of 24°C (75°F); try exploring Causeway Bay’s cityscape, or sunning yourself on a Hong Kong beach.

Precipitation continues to drop, halving that of the previous month with an average rainfall of 40mm over an average of 6 days.

Two major festivals take place over November – the Wine & Dine Festival featuring 100 food stalls from the city's best restaurants; and the Lan Kwai Fong Carnival that attempts to recapitulate Rio in the heart of Hong Kong. 

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December Weather: Ho-Ho-Holidays

Christmas lights in Hong Kong
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 Hong Kong’s Christmas season coincides with December’s blue skies, lack of humidity, and cool weather. Pack a sweatshirt if you like!

With temperatures reaching a high of 20°C (68°F), you’ll want to skip the beaches – but you’ll find hikes around the New Territories to be pleasant this time of year, as well as visiting the city’s bustling streets and natural areas like the Hong Kong Wetland Park

Hong Kong residents celebrate Christmas enthusiastically – the buildings will be draped with Christmas lights, and the malls will be stuffed with presents and Christmas trees.

With an average rainfall of just 25mm over an average five days, December is a great time to go shopping – without any real rain darkening your retail therapy!

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