Hong Kong Station: The Complete Guide

Hong Kong Station
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Hong Kong Station is Hong Kong’s main railway station. Set in the heart of Central, above the towers of the IFC skyscrapers, its primary function is as the terminus for the Airport Express and the Tung Chung line to Hong Kong Disneyland. You can also access two MTR metro lines via the interconnected Central station. For those looking for international trains to China, these arrive and depart from Hung Hom Station in Kowloon.

Disney train at the Hong Kong Disneyland station
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Trains at Hong Kong Station

Despite its grand size, if you are arriving by car or taxi, essentially, Hong Kong Station is a glorified metro station. There are no regional or international trains—only the Airport Express and a metro line to Disneyland—and all departures and arrivals are to the Airport. Platforms on the lower ground level are for the Airport Express while the level below that is home to the Tung Chung line that connects to Sunny Bay and the train to Hong Kong Disneyland.​

The Airport Express is the quickest way to reach Hong Kong Airport. Trains run just over every 10 minutes from 5:30 until just after midnight and take just 24 minutes to reach the airport. You won’t find a cab that will get you there quicker. The trains can be found below the main concourse. You can use your Octopus card to buy tickets. The Airport Express also offers in town check-in, where you can check your luggage in at Hong Kong station up to twenty-four hours in advance. This is a handy way to get check in out of the way and means less stress when organizing your trip to the airport.

The Tung Chung line runs to Tung Chung on Lantau Island, but it only has a few stops and its main destination is Sunny Bay where you can change for Disneyland Hong Kong. Tickets for the park are available at the station.

How to get to and from Hong Kong Station

Set right in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central district and sat on top of the IFC shopping mall, the station is well located. The easiest way to access Hong Kong Station is by MTR metro. The station is connected to Central Station by underground tunnels and automated walkways; there you’ll be able to catch the Island Line and Tsuen Wan Line.

The Star Ferry from Tsim Sha Tsui also connects to the station, stopping at the pier in front of IFC 2. This will be a bit of a walk if you have heavy luggage and the MTR is probably an easier option.

As part of the Airport Express system, ticket holders can use the battery of shuttle buses that greet arrivals of the train. These shuttle buses drop passengers at almost all of the main hotels on Hong Kong Island—although you are, of course, free to use them regardless of which hotel you are staying at.

Facilities at Hong Kong Station

There aren't a lot of facilities in the station concourse itself apart from a couple of newsagents, but the station is beneath one of Hong Kong’s largest shopping malls. Inside IFC Mall you’ll find a host of restaurants, cafes and even a supermarket with handy takeaway meals.

Both the mall and the station have toilets and inside the main station concourse, you’ll find left luggage facilities and ATMs.